Know Where to Turn: 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Accident Lawyer

Know Where to Turn: 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Accident Lawyer

Many people experience different types accidents daily. This could involve cars, faulty products and more. It could be an event that changes a person’s life forever. In this situation, an accident victim has legal rights. They may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, property damage and more. Unless someone is involved in the legal field; they may not know the process or how to succeed with it. This is a good time to obtain legal representation, such as a personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis, or wherever you live. There are certain things you should remember when choosing a personal injury attorney.

Personal Injury Focus 

There are many different areas of the law a lawyer can practice. Each involves specific practices and legalities. An attorney may specialize in divorces, bankruptcies, real estate and more. An attorney who is an exclusive personal injury attorney will be an expert in insurance law. They will know how an insurance company approaches paying compensation and more. A personal injury attorney’s experience with negotiating the best possible deal for their clients is important.

Professional Associations 

The legal world is constantly changing. Laws, procedures and more are always being modified and updated. A personal injury attorney should be an active member of legal associations specific to this area of the law. These organizations update their members with any and all changes to the law as well as legal procedures and more. An attorney who is a member of State as well as National Trial Lawyer Groups has made a commitment to know the latest and most effective procedures associated with personal injury law.

History of Success 

Choosing an attorney based on them being a relative, friend or other similar reason may not be a good idea. There are personal injury attorneys who have a history of winning verdicts and significant settlements for their clients. When choosing a personal injury attorney, their previous success should be considered. There are attorneys who are members of the Million Dollar Advocates. These are attorneys who have tried or settled cases valued at a million dollars or more.

Trial Experience 

In many cases, a personal injury attorney will negotiate a good deal for their client before a trial is necessary. It’s also possible that getting a fair settlement will require going to trial. This is when the trial experience of a personal injury attorney is essential. If an insurance company knows an attorney has little or no trial experience; they may be more difficult to deal with during settlement negotiations. When an attorney has a successful history of winning cases in court: it may make an insurance company more motivated to avoid going to trial.


It’s important to know if a personal injury attorney has all the necessary resources required to successfully represent a case. An injury victim should be willing to ask about an attorney’s personal assets as well as their dependence on credit to operate. It is not unusual for a personal injury case to cost over $100,000 before any type of payment is received. A personal injury attorney needs to have the necessary financial resources to provide proper representation.

Past Clients 

A successful personal injury attorney will encourage potential clients to speak with their past clients. The experiences of past clients should be a source of pride. Past clients can tell how the attorney worked on their case and obtained a resolution. This is a very powerful tool for people looking for an attorney to represent them.

Initial Consultation 

Most experienced personal injury attorneys do not charge for an initial consultation. They will welcome someone brings copies of medical records, proof of income loss, police reports as well as insurance company correspondence and more to an initial consultation. They will know how to listen to a person, review their documents and know the value of a person’s case.

When seeking legal help for your personal injury case, it’s important you feel comfortable with your attorney. It’s possible both of you could be working together for a long period of time. When a good rapport is established, the fee agreement can be signed, and the journey toward receiving fair compensation can begin.