JUUL Addiction: 5 Things Parents Should Know About This Device

JUUL Addiction: 5 Things Parents Should Know About This Device

JUUL sales are increasing from year to year.

It might not seem like a big deal to most, after all, at least it’s not cigarettes. But what if we told you there’s a big chance your teen is using one?

JUUL addiction is as real and common as cigarette addiction. If you’re not familiar with this device keep reading. You can find out everything you need to know about teens and JUUL.

What to Know About JUUL Addiction

Vaping and e-cigs are common sights these days. For some, it’s been instrumental in kicking their cigarette addiction.

But what should parents know about these devices in the hands of teens?

1. What is JUUL?

For parents, it’s important to have a complete guide to what JUUL is.

A JUUL flash drive is a vaping device that’s small and easy to conceal. You may not even know your child has one.

How does it work? Like vaping, the contents inside the cartridge heats upon inhalation. Each device has a set amount in the cartridge pod. JUUL can then be charged at any time until the pod is empty.

2. Is JUUL Addictive?

The words e-cig and vaping make your ears prick. Does that mean your child could become addicted? It’s a legitimate concern for all parents.

What parents should consider is that JUUL does contain nicotine. And in regards to other e-cigarette and vaping options, it has a larger amount.

We all know that nicotine is an addictive substance. By increasing the amount in one device, JUUL gives teens the chance to consume more than most smokers.

3. Flavor is Attractive

One of the biggest draws for teens when it comes to JUUL and vaping is the taste. E-liquid is full of fruity and minty flavors that are attractive to teens.

The myth that vaping is safe makes teens believe that it’s okay to dabble with devices. No one tells them that most of the vaping liquids they’re buying have nicotine in them. And they’re getting addicted because of lack of information.

4. Health Risks Associated with Young Vaping

What most teens don’t understand is that their bodies are still developing. and that includes the functioning of their lungs.

Lungs in children don’t stop developing until after they’re mature. That’s why you’ve likely seen a lot of health cases about young vapers. They’re damaging their lungs by starting e-cigs at such a young age.

5. Vaping on the Brain

Lungs aren’t the only things still developing in young teens. Their brains are still growing, as well.

Children are still learning at this stage, and the brain is still developing. The prefrontal cortex is critical in this stage. Both smoke and nicotine hinder the growth of brain cells in this specific area.

That means addiction will be harder to kick at a later age. And, your teen could experience a host of behavioral conditions.

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JUUL addiction is a concern for any loving parent. No one wants their child having health problems due to a device that they have no education about. The best course is to keep an open dialogue with your child about the dangers of JUUL.

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