Is a Furniture Insurance Plan Right For You?

Is a Furniture Insurance Plan Right For You?

Chances are if you’ve made the decision to buy a new sofa or outdoor patio furniture, you’ve shopped around because it’s typically a major purchase. When you spend a significant amount of money of these types of new investments you want to make sure they are well protected. Many retailers now offer some version of product protection for a small fee that will cover any accidental damage including spills, stains, rips and tears. Depending on the scope of the damage the items may be repair or replaced.


Guardian Protection Products, Inc. is the established leader as a manufacturer of furniture protection products as well as a protection plan service provider. At Guardian, they understand that purchasing new furniture is an important and often substantial investment. Their protection plan coverages and products are great investments in extending the life and to protect the appearance of new furniture. While protection plans vary in cost, most offer repair or replacement for up to five years on your new furniture purchase if you have a spill, a scratch or tear or discoloration. With Guardian Protection Products premium plan you have insurance against damages to your fabric, leather or wood furniture including:

•    Food or liquid stains on fabric, leather, and wood.

•    Stains caused by crayons, ballpoint pen ink, grass, grease, and even cosmetics on upholstered furniture.

•    Unsightly rips, tears, punctures and burns on fabric or leather upholstery.

•    Glass and mirror cracks or breakage

Outdoor furniture can even be protected under these plans. The Guardian Outdoor Protection Plan will cover stains and damages including:

•    Food and beverage stains

•    Pet stains

•    Suntan oil or lotion stains

•    Cosmetic marks

•    Marker stains including ink

•    Grass, dirt and mud stains

•    Broken glass in tables

What to Expect 

If, or perhaps when, your first spill or accident happens you must contact the service provider with details of the problem, a copy of your original receipt of purchase and contact information. A service representative will assist you in booking an appointment with a sub-contracted service tech who will then contact you to make arrangements. Since time is of the essence when it comes to stains and repairs, typically you will have a resolution within a week, reupholstering or complete replacement will take longer.

With Guardian Protection Products vast network you can expect speedy service anywhere in the country. Their highly trained furniture technicians are fully bonded, insured with excellent service records.

Depending on your protection plan as well as the extent of the damage your furniture may be cleaned, repair or even replaced. For many the peace of mind and knowing their major furniture purchase is protected eases any worry they might have.