Custom Furniture and Planning Your Space

Custom Furniture and Planning Your Space

Custom Furniture is a great way to make your space distinctly you

Photo by CC user Alex Rio Brazil on Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that, when you are considering custom furniture, you also have to consider the space that you have available? The best custom furniture store Orange County has to offer will tell you that custom furniture often doesn’t come in standard dimensions. This is because things are created to the needs and preferences of the customer. Unfortunately, however, people often don’t think about what their space is like, only going for what they like to see.

A Brief History of Custom Furniture

The early settlers were known to have used custom furniture, mainly because they made everything themselves. Their covered wagons didn’t have much space, so furniture would simply be left behind. They would build their homes and, eventually the furniture inside it. They didn’t consider room space planning, but they were unwittingly engaging in it regardless.

Finding Custom Furniture

The old settler carpentry traditions still exist today. There are a number of stores that offer traditional American furniture, such as the classic expandable round table. However, these stores are often very expensive, which means that you do have to think about how much you can spend.

Of course, quality is also very important. You don’t want to buy something and spend quite a bit of money on it, only to find it doesn’t look good. Hence, you need to make sure you don’t rush your decision, choosing instead something that looks really good, and that is perfect for your space as well. Let’s take a look at some of the customization options that are available to you.

Woods and Finishes

Generally speaking, you can customize the wood and finish that the furniture is made of. Natural options include oak, maple, and cherry. Quarter sawn oak is perhaps the most beautiful of all. Maple and cherry have a really smooth grain, which looks beautiful particularly when it is painted. However, painting natural wood can be a bit of a waste of beauty as well. Rather, wood can be stained, which can give it new shades that continue to look really natural. You do have to consider whether you want to have it stained in a matt, satin, or gloss.


When it comes to hardware, you also have a lot of options available. Consider the knobs and handles, for instance, where you can select plastic, wood, or metal. Embellishments and locks can be customized to your needs as well.


The most important thing that you can customize is the dimensions of your furniture. This is where things become really important. You may, for instance, want a very high table. However, if you live in an old cottage, it is likely that the ceiling is quite low. In that case, having a table would look out of place. It is best, therefore, to speak with a designer who can help you figure out what looks good and what does not.

With the above tips, you should be able to have a piece of furniture created that is just right for your individual needs.