How to Find out If Your Partner Is Cheating: 6 Ways That Never Fail

How to Find out If Your Partner Is Cheating: 6 Ways That Never Fail

You’ve been with your partner for quite some time now, or maybe it’s even still the beginning of the relationship. Whichever the case may be, things have been feeling a bit off lately. The two of you used to be so intertwined with one another, but now you’re feeling a distance between one another.

Your partner has begun to do things, say things, and act in ways that’s caused your suspicions to grow. You’ve tried to give it time and let things play out, but you can’t wait any longer. You need to find out if your partner is cheating as soon as possible before you drown yourself in worry.

You can’t keep driving yourself crazy not knowing the answers to all your questions, but asking your partner won’t do any good either. Maybe you’ve tried and don’t believe you’re getting an honest answer. Maybe you’re too nervous to accuse him or her of infidelity.

It’s time to find out. Continue reading below for several ways to know if your partner is cheating!

1. A Change in the Routine

If you’ve been with your partner for a long enough time, then you most likely know his or her routine to some extent. For example, you know your partner’s hours at work and the time he or she comes home every day. You know what time your partner goes to the gym, goes shopping at, and other daily routines.

These are things that you’ve seen your partner do over a period of time, but now things are changing. Even if it’s little things in the routine that are changing, you need to keep an eye on it. For example, your partner’s now coming home later and going straight into the shower or spending more time at work after hours.

2. Phone Records

If you expect there’s some foul play going on in your partner’s phone, consider printing out the phone records. This is your best bet if you’re unable to look at the phone itself. If your name is on the account, you can go into your phone service provider’s store and ask for a print out of the records.

The records won’t reveal the names of the contacts or the content of text messages, but they will show you the times and dates of each phone call and text message both incoming and outgoing. You’ll also see the¬†phone numbers associated with each call and message.

You can then do a reverse lookup of the numbers to see who your partner is communicating with. Reverse lookup apps are free to download.

3. Wanting Time Alone

If your partner is all of a sudden wanting to spend more time alone and away from you, this is a red flag. Before things got suspicious, the two of you used to do everything together. You’d go to the grocery store together and even accompany one another to put gas in the car.

Now, you find that your partner is wanting to go places alone and makes up excuses for why he or she wants this alone time. For example, your partner hops in the car and instead of inviting you to join, he or she explains that they’re just grabbing gas and a snack and coming back so no need to bother you.

4. Hidden Camera

Placing hidden cameras in your home is a sure way to catch a cheating partner in action if you suspect he or she is bringing someone into your home. The best hidden cameras are ones that are completely undetectable. These cameras can be disguised as just about anything including a pen or even a USB wall charger!

With a hidden camera, you can place it wherever in the home that you’d think would be the best place to catch your partner. One good suggestion is to place the camera by the door. This would catch your partner bringing someone into the home no matter which room they decide to hang out in.

Placing one by the front door and one by the back door makes it impossible for your partner to get past it.

5. Locating Him/Her on Dating Apps

When someone creates an account on a dating app, everyone in the area has access to their account. To catch your partner using a dating app, you can create your own account but use a different name. Leave the profile picture blank as you won’t want to post a picture of yourself, but you don’t want to use anyone else’s either.

Then, use the search features to describe your partner. Hopefully, you’ll come across their profile if they have one.

6. Digital Receipts

How many times have you been to a store and selected the option for a receipt to be emailed to you. You’d be surprised at how many people choose this option rather than to have one printed out. If you have access to your partner’s email account, you can log in and check for any emailed receipts.

These receipts could fill you in on some important information such as what stores he or she is shopping at and possibly what items are being purchased. Did you find a purchase for flowers, chocolates, women’s apparel, or something similar but you never saw these items? This could be your proof of a cheating partner.

Don’t Live in the Unknown Anymore, Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating Today!

When suspicions begin to arise about a cheating partner, you can drive yourself crazy not knowing the answers. Don’t force yourself to live in the dark anymore. Use these tips listed above to find out if your partner is cheating today!

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