How Much Kratom to Take for Pain Relief: A Dosage Guide

How Much Kratom to Take for Pain Relief: A Dosage Guide

If you’ve been looking into kratom for your personal medicinal use, you might be coming into contact with a lot of mixed information. How much do you really need for the purpose that you’re trying to get it to serve?

Using kratom as a pain reliever is growing in popularity, but not everyone is doing it correctly. Because there are no FDA guidelines on kratom, it might seem like you have to just “trial and error” to figure out how much kratom to take for your pain relief.

If you want tips on how to figure out the right dosage for you, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to figure out the best kratom dosage for pain relief for you and your situation.

It’s Best to Start Small

If you take too low of a kratom dose, you likely won’t feel any change at all. Ultimately, though, this is a good thing. An overdose of kratom can make you quite ill, so starting low and figuring out what’s right for you is essential to using kratom in a healthy and productive way.

Start with roughly 2 grams of kratom and see how you feel after a set period of time. A good measure of time to see if you’re feeling any helpful effects will be 40 minutes to an hour.

If you’re not yet feeling the pain relief that you’re looking for, increase the amount by half a gram. Continuing this process until you have reached the desired feeling will show you the exact amount that you need. There are some complicating factors though.

There Are Different Types of Kratom

There are three primary kinds of kratom that will have varying impacts on your body. Finding the right one for you is essential. You’re going to be looking at red kratom, white kratom, and green kratom (though they all look green in color). They’re available at all kratom suppliers, like the Kratom Connection.

For pain relief, any of these may work for you. That said, red kratom is most popular for pain relief. It may be a good first kratom to try.

You Should Avoid a Tolerance

It is possible to develop a tolerance for kratom, which will decrease the effectiveness of the painkilling properties.

While you can just increase your dosage, it’s not sustainable to be continually raising your intake. Once you know how much kratom to take for pain relief, you should try to stay around that general amount.

You can cycle colors of kratom if they all work for you, or you can give yourself sustained periods of rest between kratom usage. This will allow you to maintain a healthy dosage for your needs.

Are You Ready to Figure Out How Much Kratom to Take?

Kratom is great for anxiety and pain relief, and figuring out dosage is as simple as starting slow and adjusting your intake to meet your needs. Kratom is natural, but you should still listen to your body and make sure that you’re listening to its responses as you increase your doses.

If you don’t know how much kratom to take for your pain, start with as little as possible and hone in on your natural responses. It’s better to go too small than too big. Respect your health.

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