This High-Paying Career Opportunity Most Moms Will Overlook

This High-Paying Career Opportunity Most Moms Will Overlook

Truck driving can be a very lucrative career path. It is one of the career paths that you never consider.However, there is a nationwide need for drivers and a strong economy continues to drive wages higher. If you are currently a stay at home wife, you may want start a career that gets you out into the world. By obtaining a CDL license, you can start earning significant money from this career. However, you will need to maximize your earnings by preparing ahead, driving safely and advancing your career. To learn more about this high paying career opportunity, we will explain how to make money driving a truck.

Plan Your Trip Carefully

The best way to maximize your earnings is to plan the trip efficiently. Plan your day so you spend the maximum amount of time moving. You do not need to be the fastest driver if you keep a steady pace. Additionally, as you plan deliveries through the week, make sure you off-load early in the morning on Mondays and Fridays. Most often, this is when new loads become available. Even if the main dispatch areas are busy, you can maximize how you spend your time picking up or dropping off cargo. As a result, you will have more time to drive and earn miles.Surely, doing a little work ahead of time will ensure that you are always carrying goods and earning consistently.


Get CDL Endorsements

After gaining some experience, you can obtain CDL endorsements. These endorsements will allow you to access high priced loads. An endorsement is an additional certification that qualifies you to take on special cargo. These range from multi-trailer trucks and oversized loads to hazardous and even radioactive substances. This comes with a great deal more responsibility than an ordinary CDL because of the increased liability. According to Girardi | Keese, “Truck drivers and truck companies have a duty to safely operate their commercial vehicles on the road.” The endorsement tells clients you know how to handle these loads safety and are up-to-date on regulations for transporting them. Of course, that responsibility means a much higher pay rate for those loads. A few key endorsements can significantly increase your average salary.


Build Industry Relationships

Trucking is business of relationships. When working with clients, remember to leave a positive impression. If clients know who you are and trust you, they can request you specially for jobs instead of taking the first driver to turn up. Additionally, if you make friends with the dispatchers, they might give you tips about choice loads coming up. While many truckers view the job as solitary, your success is actually dependent on your relationship with other people in the supply chain. If you cultivate these relationships, these other people will come to trust you over other drivers.


Win Carrier Bonuses

Moreover, your carrier will give you the opportunity to earn bonuses. You can always supplement your income with these incentives, giving you extra money to pay the bills. You may have already received a sizable signing bonus when you joined your carrier’s fleet. However, carriers offer all sorts of other bonuses during your tenure as a truck driver. You carrier may offer rewards for clean safety records, most miles driven in a month, or even passing DOT inspections. Of course, you still have to follow all of the safety rules and regulations in order to win these bonuses. If you are motivated individual, this is another way to earn by driving.


Become An Owner Operator

Finally, you can eventually become an operator of your own truck. Buying a truck is one of the best ways to increase your earning potential. However, it does come with several risks. You will have to pay for the big-rig, maintenance and insurance costs. If you have enough experience and contacts, this option could pay off. Many carriers will pay more for drivers who bring their own equipment. With your own rig, you can also take jobs on the side or whenever you want to work for a certain period of time. Being an owner operator can offer more flexibility if you are willing to work hard and maintain strong relationships while working for yourself.

Truck driving is one of the highest-paying career opportunities for women. With a CDL license, you can earn money while you drive a truck. Schedule yourself to maximize your wages. Get CDL endorsements that will let you take more profitable loads. Build relationships through the industry. Earn carrier bonuses to supplement your wages. Finally, become an owner operator and take a chance at a big profit. Certainly, this is an opportunity that should not be overlooked.


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