Selecting a Family Lawyer That Will Help You and Your Ex Reach Common Ground

Selecting a Family Lawyer That Will Help You and Your Ex Reach Common Ground

When we make the commitment to wed someone and be with them for life, it is a commitment that the vast majority of us take extremely seriously. We modify ourselves and our lives so that we can be a great partner to our husband or wife. Along the way we sometimes have children who hopefully help us to become stronger people and strengthens our union.

Marriage is certainly a growth experience and we learn sometimes that growing means that we end up moving farther apart. When this occurs, the common path is to get assistance from a counselor, family, friends, or religious leader to help us find our way back together. In many cases this works out and what was lost is regained. However sometimes even with the help of committed others, we cannot reconcile and divorce becomes imminent.

When this awful situation occurs, we must deal with the fact that together we had accumulated a life which includes property, possessions, and children. Unraveling what took so much time and energy to put together is never easy. Each person is filled with emotions that range from anger to sadness to confusion. In the midst of all of this, two people must figure out how to make it all make sense so that they can move forward alone.

Because of the complexities and emotions in a divorce, you’ll need a good family lawyer that can greatly assist in making the divorce process smooth and easy as possible. Greenwood Village family lawyers must possess a range of qualities and factors in order to be most helpful. If you are selecting a divorce lawyer, make sure that the firm and its lawyers possess these qualities which will help you to get through your divorce as painlessly as possible.


Divorces often become battles between two angry people who don’t want to allow the other person to have the edge. The reality is that neither party likely ever considered having to divide up assets and determine with whom, or how the children would live. Each of these issues are combustible and can easily lead to fights where both parties dig in.

The right family lawyer understands the emotions that are attached to the situation and provides a calm and steady voice that helps both sides appreciate that the best way forward is one where conflict is minimized and each party is left capable. For family lawyers this begins with a compassionate approach for both parties and the process.

When children are involved, the family lawyer must be even more understanding of the factors that are driving the divorce and any negative emotions. Here again the attorney should focus on positive outcomes rather than negative behavior.

Compassion plays a key role in the divorce process if the goal is to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. You should always aim for a family lawyer uses compassion rather than anger or retribution to move things along.


Depending upon the assets, whether there are children, and the attitudes of the people involved, a divorce can be extraordinary complicated. Dividing assets that may have been accumulated over decades is never an easy matter because couples often equate the assets in a divorce, to their own worth in the marriage.

It is rare when both sides agree on assets and consequently, one side will likely feel devalued. A good family lawyer will understand all of the elements of family law and do an extremely thorough job in determining the facts and the best position to take in the divorce. Both parties in a divorce typically have to compromise, but any compromise must be justified by the family lawyer. To accomplish this, the lawyer must present the relevant details in a way that point to compromising being best position for his or her client. By always being thorough, the family lawyer positions his or her client with a good understanding of why the position is being taken. Armed with this information, the client can feel comfortable that the approach the family lawyer is suggesting is the proper one. Again, this approach works when the family lawyer is thorough.

If you are looking for family lawyer to represent you in a divorce proceeding, make sure that in addition to the law firm being skilled, and having a great reputation, that they also have compassion, and are extremely thorough. It is likely that these two skills will make a difference in the outcome of your divorce settlement.