Why Flat Roofs are the Way of the Future

Why Flat Roofs are the Way of the Future

When you’re looking to purchase or build a home, part of what you must focus on is the elements of the home that make repairing it easier and cheaper. For this reason closely thinking through the materials and styling outside of the home, and the layout and appliances inside of the home is imperative.

If there are exotic materials that have been used, you can expect that those materials will be very expensive to repair or replace. You should do your homework in advance of purchasing the home or installing exotic materials to discover exactly what sort of maintenance and replacement costs you can expect.

Another key area is the roof of the home. The style of the roof can determine a lot of the costs associated with maintaining it and whether it will fit your needs. Today’s choices of roofs are flat or pitched. Here are a number of reasons why a flat roof is the better choice for your home.

Cheaper to install

If you compare the exact same size roof and the choices are pitched or flat, a flat roof will be much cheaper for your Roofing contractor in Boise (or contractor wherever you are located) to install. In fact, installation costs for a flat roof are often 20% cheaper than for a pitched roof. Some of these costs are related to the additional time needed to install a pitched roof, while other costs are associated with the fact that a pitched roof will need more roofing materials to cover the same area as a flat roof. Finally, since flat roofs don’t require expensive shingles or other attractive roofing materials, they are much less expensive to install.

Easier access

A flat roof provides much easier access than a pitched roof. Flat roofs are made to be easily walked on, so you can do quickly an up close and personal visual inspection to see if there any problems with the roof. In terms of cleaning out gutters and other materials that end up on the roof, when the roof is flat this is a much easier job. There is a misconception that water will stand on a flat roof. But a flat roof actually has a small degree of slant so water will run off of the roof and into the gutters.

More durable

Because flat roofs are designed without the need for eye appeal, they can be made from the most durable and long-lasting materials. For this reason flat roofs have a much longer lifespan than pitched roofs. In fact, a flat roof will typically last for 30 years, which is twice as long as a pitched roof. This means that you will have to call roof repair services in your area much less often.

Easier to upgrade – Add solar panels

A flat roof provides the perfect foundation for any upgrade you want to make that requires use of the roof. There is space for an air conditioning unit and its vents. You can also install a large amount of solar panels on a flat roof. These panels can be easily upgraded and maintained because of the easier access that a flat roof provides.

These benefits can provide you with better comfort, easier maintenance and big cost savings. When you put them together, it is easy to see why a flat roof is the best choice for your home.