Tips for a Happy Home

Tips for a Happy Home

Modern life is extremely stressful – jobs are more demanding, the cost of living keeps climbing, and many experts believe the constant barrage of demands for attention from social media. All this combined with a political atmosphere that’s upsetting whatever part of the spectrum you’re on, and you may find yourself feeling burnt out, exhausted and under siege.

Today we’re presenting a few tips for maintaining your emotional balance in these difficult times, to help you avoid getting swamped by stress.

A Tidy Home is a Happy One

Clutter in your home is actually a source of stress. As well as causing guilt (as you look at mess you’ve failed to clear up), and frustration as you try and fail to find what you need in the chaos, a messy, disorganised room is simply more mentally demanding to look at.

If your home is a mess, you can never quite relax there. And your home should be your refuge and haven from the world – even if it’s just a single rented room in a shared house. To make sure it really is somewhere you can fully relax, tidy up. You don’t have to go fully minimalist, but sorting your clutter, and ensuring it’s displayed in some approximation of order on your shelves will help to soothe your anxious brain.

If you want to keep some of items but can’t give them a place in your home look at putting them into storage: they’ll be safe, accessible when you need them and still yours so won’t feel the loss of them too keenly. Visit byStored for more details.

Talk Through Issues

Whether you live with family, friends, anonymous flatmates or a romantic partner, things can never be entirely plain sailing. Someone will always feel like they are the only person to do the washing up, or that their milk is always stolen. Things will always be unequal and people will always feel hard done by.

Justified or not, whether you are the person who feels got at, or the person ‘benefitting’ it’s a stressful situation and it means your home stops being somewhere you can retreat from arguments, anxiety and disruption.

Talk out issues like this. Bringing them into the light and discussing these resentments reasonably draws the poison from the wound and allows you to get back to a happy and relaxed relationship. Formalising a cleaning rota might be the answer here, or it could be that all you need to do is apologise and ensure you do a little better in the future: an effort well worth putting in.