6 Interesting DIY Ideas to Easily Decorate Your Backyard

6 Interesting DIY Ideas to Easily Decorate Your Backyard

Building something from scratch with nothing with your own hands and tools is one of the best, most empowering sensations you can experience. If you’ve gotten the wonderful idea of reinventing your backyard by adding some colorful and inviting garden appliance, doing it yourself can be a great idea. First, you will save a lot of your hard-earned money. Second, you can use this time to time with your family and friends. Third, you can simply enjoy the feeling of using something that you built on your own for the rest of your life.

DIY backyard projects don’t have to necessarily be major undertakings, or even very expensive ones. It isn’t hard to make your garden a lively place where you can spend some quality time with your family. There are quite a few simple furniture items that you can craft with nothing but scraps or re-used items. You just need some fantasy and creativity! On top of that, most of the projects suggested in our guide will require no more than one or two days to complete, so what are you waiting for?

1. A Colorful Outdoor Bench

One simple idea is to build an attractive and colorful bench where you can sit and relax while you reap the health rewarding vitamin D benefit that sunlight provides. With a few pieces of lumber and a few nails, you can build a comfortable bench where you can sit and enjoy a nice cool drink while admiring the beauty of your garden. Paint your bench to match your decor, or even go wild with a bright and cheerful color. Even if it doesn’t look like the greatest bench in the world, you will still be able to show it off to friends and be proud to say, “look at what I built!”

2. Wine Bottle Torches

What about spending a romantic evening with your love interest, but instead of an indoor dinner, you enjoy your meal under a starry sky? Instead of candles, you can create some simple torches using wine bottles, some cotton wicking, and and citronella oil. As an added bonus, not only does citronella give off a pleasant odor when burned, it also helps to repel biting insects like mosquitoes that may carry west nile virus or other diseases. What could be a better way to show your lover how you really feel than to help keep them safe from malaria?

3. Steel Pipe Garden Edging

Got some old rusty pipes around in your cellar but you don’t know what to do with them? Instead of getting rid of them, you can transform them in a marvelous garden appliance. Grab the old pipes and stick them into the ground, fill them with soil and dirt, and use them as small vases to plant little flowers or spices like basil. They will make a great looking edge, you can easily fit them anywhere, and if you don’t like the “rusty” “post-apocalypse” aesthetic, just spray them with some paint to get the job done. As an added bonus, they are much more resistant to exposure and weather than standard pottery.

4. Paint the Patio With Some Bright Colors

Aren’t you fed up with that boring gray concrete patio that gets more and more dull as the years go by? If your patio is bright enough or has some nice-looking sliding glass doors, here’s an easy and cheap DIY idea to make it look like a real ‘70s “garden disco.” You just need to buy a few cans of paint, grab a good brush and color the tiles as you prefer. You can even mix together leftover paints to create new unique colors or make gradients. If you want to take one further step, you can make the tile colors match your home’s exterior or even your patio furniture, just make them even brighter and colorful than everything else.

5. Glass Marbles for Your Wooden Fence

This is really super easy. First, you need to paint your old and dull fence with a dark blue or violet. Then grab a drill, carve some holes in the wood, and stick some colored marbles inside the holes with the help of some glue. You will make your fence look like a starry night, and if you place some lamps or candles below it, the marbles will shine with a lot of captivating and colorful reflections.

6. Tiki Torches and Oversized Vases

Tiki torches or bamboo torches are nice to watch and can provide a lot of light during summer parties. However, if your backyard is paved with concrete, you can’t just stick them to the ground. Get some oversized planters and a few annual plants and flowers, and surround the torches with a vibrant mix of colorful foliage. Your patio will look better during both day and night.


Decorating your backyard is easier than you think. Not only it will look better, you will be proud of everything you did and you can even boast it with your friends. What are some other great ideas that you can think of to make your backyard even more comfortable and inviting? Leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below.