Family Camping Checklist: 8 Pieces of Gear You Can’t Forget

Family Camping Checklist: 8 Pieces of Gear You Can’t Forget

Regardless of the number of times you’ve gone on a family camping trip, it’s always easy for you to forget essential gear. Sometimes the frenzy for some quality family time in the wild can affect the entire family.

A camping checklist is always essential to save you from packing problems. Yet, it may not fit the many needs of a sound family camping. There are items you must include at the top of your checklist.

Check out these essentials to include your family camping checklist.

1. Lantern or Flashlight

Camping takes your family closer to nature, where the wild flourishes. Nights may be darker and electricity is non-existent. Your flashlight comes in handy when you get lost and sometimes you may need some light to find the track to your campsite.

Forgetting your flashlight is super easy. You can leave it laying on your sitting table as you dash to the camping van. Sometimes you may not remember to buy one since electricity is ordinary in your home.

It’s the first essential to include in your checklist and pack in readiness for your trip. It may be best to bring more than one and a few sets of batteries. Check out for some lighting solutions for your trip.

2. Compass and a Map

After the flashlight, pack your compass in an accessible pack pocket. You may have GPS devices and a smartphone but don’t leave your compass behind.

Your phone or GPS device can run out of power or lose signal while you’re on a hike miles away from the camp. A compass or a topo map is your best bet to navigate the wilderness like a pro.

A compass can help you identify your location and the direction of your campsite. You don’t know when you will make a wrong turn and get lost in the terrains.

3. A Lighter or Some Matches

In your family camping checklist, remember to include a matchbox or a lighter. It’s a must-have for any camping event. You may need to set up a fire to warm some food for your family or keep warm.

A lighter is a faster way to set up a fire. It won’t ruin in the rain like a matchbox and is useful for emergency fire needs. You can try to explore primitive ways of starting a fire, but that’s not as reliable as a lighter.

4. First Aid Kit

One of the most crucial gears to include in your family camping checklist is a first aid kit. A slight injury or accident can worsen or be unmanageable without it.

With a first aid kit, you’re prepared to face most emergencies. An excellent kit can help you to handle minor injuries and control the impact of fatal accidents.

Include basic first aid needs like bandages, scissors, creams, wound cleansers, and tweezers. If you’re camping in the summer, bring along sunscreens to prevent sunburns.

Allergic reactions are also common during camping trips. Carry antihistamines to protect your family from insect bites and harmful plants. You may also need to pack a snake bite kit if you’re camping in a snake prone area.

5. Insect Repellant

During a family camping trip, you want to reconnect, have fun, and free yourself from the troubles of life. Unfortunately, you’re never alone out there. Bugs and insects can mess up your entire vacation if you don’t come prepared.

Include a few insect repellants to deal with the little creatures. You can use commercial creams and sprays or opt for essential oils like Eucalyptus or Thyme.

Don’t assume smoke campfires are enough. Wild bugs carry diseases and their bites can leave you itching for days. Don’t leave your family’s safety to chance.

Insect repellants are a must-have in your family camping checklist.

6. Water Bottles

While you’re out there hiking, staying hydrated is vital. When you’re camping in a wild place, water may not be accessible. Sometimes you may hike in areas where moisture evaporation is high.

Make sure you plan for enough water bottles for your family in the checklist. In some hot areas, you may need to take more than one bottle for each family member.

Nonetheless, even in camping sites with a lot of water streams, a water bottle is crucial. Not carrying enough water bottles can bar you from enjoying your vacation.

7. Alternative Weather Clothing

When planning a family camping event, you’re likely to pack clothes based on the season. During summer, you will go for light garments. You may even exclude blankets.

Many people make a mistake of excluding warm gear in their checklist during the summer. Regardless of the weather forecast results, you should prepare for unpredictable weather.

Weather can change in a flash and leave you scampering for a warm place or a campfire. Nighttime temperatures often drop even if it’s hot during the day. Include some raincoats or warm clothes on your checklist.

8. Prescription Medications

With the excitement of camping soaring, you can forget to pack prescribed medicines. Medications can be hard to come by unless a camping site has a medical facility.

Medication is a must to include in a checklist. If you forget prescribed pills, you or your family members are exposed to making your health conditions worse.

You can also carry painkillers and antibiotics to use in case of headaches or flu attacks. Make sure all the medications are in safe containers to prevent contamination.

Do You Have Your Family Camping Checklist Ready?

A family camping checklist is an essential item when preparing for camping. It allows you to meet your family’s needs and pack the most important things for the vacation. You can protect your family from unforeseen issues by packing accordingly.

Also, including everything needed can smoothen your camping experience. For instance, with a compass or a map, you can explore all corners of a camping site without fear. For better family camping, focus on the easy to forget things in your checklist.

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