A Nerd Makeover

A Nerd Makeover


A lot of people used to look up to celebrities for fashion goals. Those days are long gone, and nerd style is as big a deal now as hipster or emo. The term nerd fashion spread quickly and is one of the most trending fashion style out there.

Both men and women sport the nerd look, and dorky girls and guys with big glasses are the new talks of the town. Also, when you want to dress to impress it is a safe and cute option that can help you look smart.

Nerd fashion is not really difficult; it just requires some attention to detail. All of these nerdy features in style are thought to be the response to all that sportswear and branded fashion.

Geek chic is so in that the term has found its way into oxford dictionary, defined as “the dress, appearance and culture associated with computing and technology enthusiasts, regarded as stylish as fashionable.”

The one item that we associate with the nerd style the most is glasses. And not the teeny tiny and sleek eyewear, we are talking about classic dorky glasses like 1001 optical classic glasses.

But that is not all. There are many styles and fashion items on the nerd rack that you can rock. So ladies and gentlemen, here is our guide to your nerdy makeover.

For Men

How can a man turn his wardrobe into something resembling geek but still looks sexy and gets all the attention? By adding the items that we are recommending you.

We know that a classic television nerd look is pretty generic and it includes superhero t-shirts with funny text, cardigans, sneakers, and of course dorky glasses. But this stuff, while great for portraying a generalized nerd, cannot be considered a fashion statement.

So guys, keep on reading and find out how you can transform into a geek chic.

Them Glasses

Glasses are an absolute must to pull off a hot nerdy look. Being one of the most popular geek chic accessories, you can wear these even if you have a perfect vision. A pair of oversized glasses is great for you.

Shirts, Polo and Tees

Cool graphic tees are a must-have in a nerd collection. Your outfit starts from the top. You don’t have to be a fan of science fiction or comic books for this, just any graphic about something you find funny would do. Just pair it up with the pants of your choice, and you are good to go.

Other than that, chambray collared shirts are a win as well. You can wear them on their own or pair it with a tie for a formal and sophisticated look. Checkered shirts are also a great option, and it looks super cute.

Polo shirts, when paired with shorts and glasses, just look adorable.


There are different kinds of outerwear available to compliment the nerd look, and some of them can be worn as the top layer itself or as a sandwich layer between your shirt and jacket.

Waistcoats are absolutely sexy and yummy. They give a classic geeky yet classy look. They are good to wear with most things and colors and won’t disappoint you. Cardigans make you look bookish but fashionably edgy at the same time. Stick to solid colors and wear them on top of t-shirts or button-downs for a subtle and graceful look.

Sweater vests should be well fitted and definitely in solid colors. They look great on top of shirts and t-shirts. Blazers can be worn simply over a t-shirt, in contrasting colors.


There are just a few options for a geeky look when it comes to pants. Corduroy pants are a signature geek look for decades and are easy to maintain. Pick darker colors like blacks and browns and pair with your favorite t-shirt or button-down shirt.

Jeans also work for this look but try adding suspenders with them. they complete your geeky look and also make you look thinner. Another really cute and modern nerdy look is pairing printed dress pants with a formal shirt and coat.


The right accessories help you achieve that perfect geek look. We just talked about suspenders above and let’s discuss tie now. A tie is another great accessory for your nerdy look. Neckties paired with cardigans look cute, but bowties are just adorable. Choose a pattern and color that suits you and goes with the dress.

Matching cowboy hats can further enhance your look. Backpacks are back as well, and they are great for your geeky look. Mufflers will give that final touch to your overall look. Choose a simple one and rock that nerdy style.

For Women

Women noticed the appeal of the more natural and less done up geeky looks and they found it easy yet cute and charming. Ponytails, large glasses, and sweaters have paved the way for a different kind of glamour.


We love talking about glasses because they are no longer reserved for those with a prescription. Geeky and oversized frames have become an essential accessory, and you can pull them off just to look stylish. The perfect glasses can change your look completely.

Tops and Pants

One item that everyone must have is a button-down shirt. It is essential to achieve a nerdy look for girls. You can wear it with rolled-up sleeves or with a cardigan.

Pair it with a crew neck sweater for a nerdy and yet edgy look. This is a classic look since the Peter Pan-like collars are ideal for looking geek chic.

A more casual look can be achieved by wearing a printed t-shirt with a fun phrase or picture on its front side. We have already talked about the most geek associated item, which is the cardigan.

Another great pick for women is denim. Wear any t-shirt over dark colored denim and then put a loose fitted sweater on top of it.


Scarves are easy to wear, and there are so many options to choose from. Just pick your favorite and put it loosely around your neck. They are perfect for fall. Another perfect accessory for that nerdy look is a hat. Go for beanies, baseball, cowboy, or whatever you prefer. Hats become more of a casual option during summers, but in winters you can wear them whenever you want.


Nerd makeover does not require a lot of dollar bills. Most of the items we mentioned are probably already in your wardrobes and the ones that are not, go get them NOW. What are you waiting for? So do try our tips for a geeky look and enjoy the nerdy goodness.