8 Reasons Why Men Love Wearing Boxers

8 Reasons Why Men Love Wearing Boxers


The comfort is an automatic choice for men when it comes to shopping for undergarments. One of the most sought-after undergarments is underwear since we use it daily and it is not a matter of neglecting this aspect. The eternal war between slip or boxer will never end and both have millions of followers and detractors. Today we are going to see some reasons for wearing boxers and later we will give the advantages to see which you should stay with.

Men’s boxer shorts: a 100% comfortable underwear

More than any other underwear for men, the boxers offer real comfort in everyday life. Not compressing the private parts, this solution offers a total feeling of freedom and lightness. In order to be as comfortable as possible, men’s briefs are also available in wide, tight, fitted, long and short models. Thus, you are sure to find the pants in which you will be most comfortable.

Boxers have a looser fit, which means that the man’s body is not “imprisoned” and has more freedom of movement. If we wear loose clothing, we will be allowing the air to flow through the interior and thus the sensation of heat will decrease.

Variety in the materials

It is true that most boxers are made of cotton, but we can find many other materials such as silk or polyester. If we live in a heat zone, the cotton blends will give us a greater sensation of freshness and for cold areas, the wool or flannel can warm us better.

Sperm quality

This is a very important part for many when it comes to choosing their underwear and it is possible that after this you will no longer read and go to buy a couple of these. A study has shown that men who use boxers have better sperm quality because this garment allows better ventilation of the area, which increases the possibility of having good quality sperm.


Boxers can be used as pajamas. Those who are loose and have buttons are accepted as part of pajamas, which translates into comfort at bedtime as we will not feel the pressure.

Here are some pictures of me in boxer to exemplify the issue, they are normal, they don’t want to denounce me.

Faced with the diktat of the boxer, boxer shorts for men are making a comeback. More comfortable, trendy and modern, this men’s underwear offers many everyday benefits. Let’s discover together the three good reasons to wear underpants when you are a man.

Men’s boxer shorts: dare to be free to move

Unlike boxers and a fortiori briefs, men’s briefs offer their wearers a real feeling of freedom. Allowing for total ventilation, they let your crotch breathe ideally. At home, once your pants are removed, you can even use your underpants as shorts and thus feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed.

Men’s boxer shorts: an elegant piece par excellence

Aging for years, men’s briefs are making a comeback in men’s closets. And for good reason, brands compete in ingenuity to offer more modern and elegant models than each other. Checked or striped, colored or not, with or without patterns: men’s briefs offer a wide choice of styles as trendy as they are classy. In addition, it is the best way to assert your originality in front of the many men wearing boxers. There are plenty of reasons to say yes to men’s boxer shorts.

If you are like many men who believe that underwear is not important and therefore you wear any type of underwear that is put in front of you, you are wrong. There are many options for men’s underwear, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Know them and decide the most suitable for you according to your needs and tastes.


This type of brief is the most common in the market and also the shortest. It is ideal for those men who do not like to have any type of cloth wrapped around their legs. The advantage it has is that it keeps your package in place. The disadvantage for some men is that they may feel they squeeze, subtracting comfort.


Always wear them at the same height as the waist of your pants. For the lower pants, there are briefs with a low waist, so that they do not take hold.


If you have a slim and toned body this type of underwear will make you look sexy.

Tight boxers or brief boxers

These panties are for those who like to cover more, but at the same time prefer the comfort of having everything in place. They are usually modern in style and are currently very fashionable. The advantage is that they are less low-cut than underpants, but they have the same fit, in addition to women love them. There are two main types: those with short legs and those with long legs. The only disadvantage is the lengths because they can be rolled up and up the part of the legs.

Baggy Boxers

Baggy boxers are like shorts, with long and wide legs, which provides their best advantage: being very comfortable. But this, in turn, represents a disadvantage because they do not provide any support, and therefore are not suitable for use with dress pants or for physical activity. Another disadvantage is that they tend to rise above the height of the pants, which makes them visible.


When not giving any type of support it is better to use them at home to be comfortable or to sleep.


Despite being a garment mainly worn by women, there are also thongs for men. The youngest are those who dare to use them. Its main advantages are that they provide support and at the same time give freedom of movement, as it seems that you do not bring underwear. The disadvantage for some is that it can be uncomfortable, especially in the back and can cause irritation.


This is a garment that is basically used in sports with a lot of movement or even in some gay porn movies. It is an elastic band that goes to the waist, with support to place the genitals and two lateral strips that join the band passing around the bubbles. Its advantage is that it supports while practicing some sport, and at the same time allows movement. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that you may feel uncomfortable to use it as a regular undergarment.


This is a type of soft cloth pants that fit the body. Its main advantage is that it maintains the heat of the body, so it is used mainly in cold weather. The bad thing is that it can become bulky and curl if you have a lot of movement.


Using them in winter or in cold climates will keep you warm and protected from your legs (which we usually don’t protect and where we feel cold).

The Final Words

In any type of underwear, there are many models to choose from which vary in the material with which they are made, the shape, length, neckline and finish. Consider your needs and choose the most suitable for you based on them. I suggest that you encourage yourself to try different options.