To Your Exact Specifications: 3 Tips for Mixing Your Own E-Liquid

To Your Exact Specifications: 3 Tips for Mixing Your Own E-Liquid

Vaping or smoking e-cigarettes can be a relaxing hobby. There are many different flavors, which help to calm someone rather than excite them like traditional cigarettes. Adding different flavors to your Vape pen can be a fun way to experiment and learn about different tastes.

Brands like Keep It 100 allow you to mix your own e-liquid and experiment with various flavors. There are hundreds of recipes online that you could cook up to use in your e-cigs for a flavorful break from the normal flavors.

Below are 3 tips to help you mix your own e-liquid.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Supplies

There is a long list of supplies you will need to have on hand in order to create your own e-liquid. Only a few of these items are considered optional. It depends on your budget as to how much you will spend, but for the first batch, you should keep it reasonably inexpensive.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) – These are the bases of e-liquids. VG is more like a thick syrup and gives the vapor a sweet taste. (PG) is thinner and will enhance the chosen flavor. This also makes the vapor feel more like regular smoke, hitting the back of your throat.

Adding nicotine to your e-liquids are an option many Vape smokers opt to do without. It may be because they are trying to quit smoking, and adding nicotine is defeating the purpose of their healthy attempts.

E-liquid Flavoring is a Personal Choice

Just as some foods are not popular with all eaters, not everyone going to enjoy all the e-liquid flavors. You can use a combination of mixes to come up with something you like better.

There are many sweet flavors that mimic the taste of fruit. Mix up several batches of “fruit smoothies” to smoke during mornings and snack time.

If sweet is not your cup of tea, there are herbal flavors you can incorporate into your e-liquid. These are more on point with spices and flavors that are bold and robust.

Creating a new and never-before-heard-of flavor is always fun, although it may take a while to acquire a taste for something that isn’t widely appealing to everyone.

Mixing by Volume or by Weight

The choice to mix your own e-liquid can be done using one of two methods: mixing by weight or mixing by volume.

Mixing your e-cigarette juice by volume means measuring each ingredient volume, typically with a large syringe. If you do not own a set of syringes, you will need to measure the parts and put each one aside as you need to clean out the syringe for the next element. Concocting your e-liquid this way is a little messier than simply pouring from the bottles.

Mixing e-cig liquid by weight means weighing each ingredient, taking into account gravity. There are several math steps to walk through in this process. And remember, if adding nicotine, it weighs a lot more than flavoring per ml. There are e-liquid calculators on the Internet and specific formulas to follow when creating your own liquid smoke.

Some individuals want to make their own e-liquid to control the amounts and types of ingredients. Others enjoy the creative process of discovering new flavors.