3 Big Reasons I Switched to Vaping

3 Big Reasons I Switched to Vaping

My name is Nancy and I live in Chicago with my wonderful husband John and our cute three year old daughter Melissa.  I spent my whole life in Strawberry Point, Iowa until my husband job took him to Chicago.  With a population under 2,000, there was plenty of space for one of my favorite pastimes, smoking.  I was a 10 cigarette a day smoker and I loved to sneak outside and have a couple puffs, even after I had my baby.  (I didn’t smoke during my pregnancy) Frankly, it was my happy time.

But moving to the big city presented some problems.  We moved from a house on an acre of land to an apartment 15 floors up.  Grabbing that smoke break would not be the easiest thing.  So, I laid out the pros and cons and started vaping instead.  Here are the 3 Big Reasons I switched to vaping.


As I alluded to before, it was just very convenient to grab a smoke.  I was not about to smoke inside my apartment with my young  daughter there and just getting out side was a real pain.  Down the hall to the elevator, then taking the elevator down, going outside and braving the cold  basically took 15-20 minutes when I usually take about 5 minutes to smoke.  With vaping, I crack the window and blow the vapor out the window.  Within seconds, the clouds dissipate and the smell of my grape flavored juice is not noticeable in the air.


I know that there is no definitive study done on vaping being healthier than smoking, but I do know one thing.  When I was smoking, I would cough up a lot of brown and black phlegm each morning when I woke up.  And when I walked or jogged, I would get winded really quick.  When I started vaping, the brown and black phlegm started going away until it was not there anymore.  And when I walked or jogged, I would not get tired as easy.  Although there is no scientific proof, I am feeling much healthier and my family is not getting any of the second-hand smoke that is in my clothes and on my hands.


I hated the taste of cigarettes but loved getting the nicotine high.  With vape, I can get the nicotine high and not the taste that I always dreaded.  My personal favorite brand right now is Cyclops Vapor.  It’s a company out of Alabama and they have been around for 8 years.  They focus on bringing quality juices to market and it shows in their craftsmanship and their product.  And most of all, it tastes Great.  I usually buy my juices from https://www.smokingthings.com. Their prices are fair, and the delivery time is on point.  Plus, it is much easier than taking a toddler to the vape shop.