Dental Crowns – The Solution for a Range of Dental Issues

Dental Crowns – The Solution for a Range of Dental Issues

Of all the many dental treatments, the trusted crown has long been the perfect solution for chipped or damaged teeth, and with a skilled dentist in your corner, your perfect smile will soon be restored. For those who would like to know the range of dental issues that a crown can fix, here are just some of the situations that dental crowns would likely be the best solution.

Chipped Teeth

It is oh so easy for a tooth to be the brunt force of a collision, and often the result is a chipped front tooth, where perhaps one corner of the tooth has broken off. This completely destroys your smile, and the best treatment is a dental crown, as the tooth itself is healthy, and by grinding down the tooth to the correct size and shape, the crown can be fitted. If, for example, you are looking for dental crowns in Brisbane, there is an excellent dental clinic that specialises in crown treatment.

Advanced Tooth Decay

Should a tooth become severely decayed, the best solution would be a crown, and by removing all the decayed structure, the crown will not only restore your smile, it will also strengthen the tooth. Losing a tooth has far reaching implications, as the teeth either side no longer have that essential support, and a single missing tooth could be the onset of serious problems, as the base roots of some of the teeth have more room to move.

Discoloured Teeth

It can happen that a single tooth is of a different shade, and for some people, this causes a lack of self-confidence, and by having a crown fitted, you can restore the even colouring with some perfect matching. The crown would look perfectly natural and should last for many years, giving back your self-confidence, and as the roots of the tooth are healthy, you should not experience any issues with the crown.

Large Fillings

Sometimes, a large filling compromises the tooth structure, and in such a case, the dentist would recommend a crown as the best solution. If the decay has not reached the gum line, then there is no reason to extract the tooth, and with some careful grinding, a stump is created, upon which sits the crown, giving you a natural look.

Post Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is the treatment that removes the pulp and damaged tissue and ensures that the root itself is well protected. Once this has been carried out, a crown will be crafted and with a little work, the tooth will be prepared for the crown insertion. The crown would blend in perfectly with the teeth and with correct brushing and flossing, the patient would not normally encounter any further issues. There is some further reading online on the root canal process and how it is the best way to save a tooth.

Dental crowns are used extensively around the world, and if you have a dental issue that you think a crown would be the ideal solution, contact your local dentist and ask for their expert advice. All dentists are very familiar with crown work, and you can be sure that the crown looks perfectly natural.