Confused by car seats? Make a safer choice with these valuable tips

Confused by car seats? Make a safer choice with these valuable tips

Awaiting the arrival of your little one is certainly an exciting time. With so much to consider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the anticipation of it all. As a parent, you want the very best for your children, and you’ll want everything in place and ready for when your baby makes their grand entrance.

This means everything from the pram, to the changing bag, all the nappies and all their little outfits need to be ready when the time comes. Another thing you need to have ready before the big day is your babies’ car seat. If you give birth in the hospital, you’re going to need a car seat ready for the journey home. It ensures your baby is safe and secure whilst they sleep through their very first car ride! And if you find yourself involved in a car accident – click here to speak to a Charleston based auto accident lawyer – your baby will be protected and significantly safer whilst in their seat.

Choosing a car seat for the first time can be a little daunting, so here we’ve gathered some valuable tips to help you make a safer car seat choice.

Never buy second hand

Having kids is expensive, so it makes sense to save as much money as possible where you can. Second-hand toys, hand-me-down clothes, changing mats and prams are all effective ways to reduce the cost of your newborn, however, when it comes to a car seat, you should only consider brand new. Buying a new car seat ensures that they were manufactured with the latest safety regulations and technology in mind, it means they’re not potentially damaged and in the event of a crash, they’ll protect your baby.

LATCH/Isofix or seatbelt attachments?

Depending on your vehicle, your car may have LATCH or Isofix attachments, which means that you can purchase a car seat that anchors directly into the vehicle with tether connectors. Alternatively, you may opt for a traditional seatbelt attachment. Check out your vehicle first to decide what’s best.

Choose one that will grow with your child

Your little one won’t stay little for long, so choose a car seat that comes with adjustable features that will grow with your child. Find a car seat that can be changed from rear-facing to front-facing and has adjustable straps and side protection.

Chose one that’s easy to clean

Believe it or not, car seats can harbor just as much bacteria as a toilet seat. And it’s easy to see why crumbs, milk, dribble, sick, diaper leaks and other wet accidents make any car seat quickly become infested with germs and bacteria. When choosing a car seat, make sure it’s easy to clean – your car will certainly smell a little better too!

And finally, get it fitted

Avoid buying a car seat online and instead, opt for a professional fitting. Having a car seat demonstration ensures you know how to fit and adjust your baby’s car seat safely. So, if you have to change cars or take the seat out to clean it, you can refit it with ease.