5 Tips to Prevent Garage Door Problems

5 Tips to Prevent Garage Door Problems

When you have access to a garage it comes with multiple benefits. The best of these is how it provides extra home space, as well as providing a shaded area for your car to protect it from the elements. Garages make your cars last longer… but we are all guilty of putting the occasional dent in the doors…

With this in mind, we put together a list of the top 5 ways to stop your garage door getting damaged over time. Listen up! Not driving into it isn’t even on the list.

The Best Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

Here are our top tips for preserving the life off your garage door.

1 – Regular Maintenance

If you have an automated car door then regular maintenance is essential to aid longevity. Your garage door has been built to last – but without an annual service it will eventually stop working.

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2 – Treat it

If your garage door is a lovely timber door, or a polished metal, or even a painted number, preserving it with the required treatments will greatly increase its shelf life. treat wood with waterproofing at the bare minimum, using an oil or a mixture of acrylic/plastic compounds. If you keep up with the paint job, give it a nice polish once in a while, and make sure the water isn’t getting into it, then your garage door will go longer without needing to be replaced.

3 – Lubricate!

Any garage door with moving parts needs lubrication. Without it, your garage door will squeak, creak, and otherwise grind against each other as it moves. If you keep an eye on the moving parts of the door and oil them up as needed, you should never get to the stage of having to repair a stuck door.

4 – Tighten the brackets

Brackets, ball bearings, whatever it is that holds your door up when it is raised. This part needs to be checked fairly regularly for signs of motion. If it is starting to loosen up, a simple tighten with a screwdriver ought to do the trick. You might even need to adjust one side to stop it being squint. Any large changes to this area are best handed to the professionals, though.

5 – Read the Owner’s Manual!

We can’t emphasise enough what the importance of reading the owner’s manual is. There will be some issue or other that it will warn you about that you might not otherwise notice until it is too late. The manual will give you information on how much lubrication it needs, and how to adjust the tracking if it needs fixed.

Don’t Forget to Check the Warranty

Regardless of what you want to do to maintain your garage door, you should always check the warranty. That being said, these top tips should keep you with a refreshed garage door for longer than you might expect. 

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