Best Jeep Tops for Fall: Hard vs Soft

Best Jeep Tops for Fall: Hard vs Soft

One of the best parts of owning a Jeep Wrangler is that you can take the roof off. An added benefit of this is that you can switch between having a hard and soft top. However, many Jeep owners are unsure of which they should get. With the information below, you will know exactly what to do the next time you see a Jeep Wrangler soft top for sale.

Benefits of a Hard Top

The main benefit of a hard top is its hardness. In a lot of situations, having a tougher roof can help. These are the main reasons why you may choose a hard top:

  • Durability: Hard tops can take some extra abuse. This is great if you expect to be in tough weather or on the trail a lot.
  • Sound and Heat Insulation: Your hard roof will keep noise and heat out (or in). They are much better insulated.
  • Security: One of the worries with Wranglers is the risk of theft. Hard tops normally offer better security.
  • Option for a Roof Rack: There are many more roof racks that work with hard tops. You can find them for soft tops, but they are usually more expensive and require a special frame.

Why Choose A Jeep Soft Top

If hard tops are great because they are hard, soft tops are great because they are flexible. They are much easier to move up and down. Here are some reasons you may want to move that Bestop Supertop NX Jeep soft top from your wish list to your shopping cart:

  • Ease of Use: You can put the top up and down in a matter of seconds. Conversely, hard tops have to be completely removed to open them up.
  • Easy To Store: Soft tops are easier to fold up and store than hard tops. You need less space and the whole process is simpler.
  • More Connected to Nature: Part of the fun of Jeeps is that you are able to enjoy the world around you. A soft top makes it easier to get that experience.

How To Properly Store Your Jeep Soft Top

Storing a Jeep soft top is pretty simple overall. Before you take it off for an extended time, you should make sure to clean the top and let it dry thoroughly. Then, you should remove it and fold it up. Each model comes with instructions from the manufacturer on how to do this. Finally, place it somewhere dry and cool (but not freezing). You may also want to consider putting a protective cover or bag over the top while it is in storage. Make sure your top isn’t in a place where it can be pierced or damaged (accidents happen in garages sometimes).

Get the Right Aftermarket Top for Your Jeep

Check out some of the great aftermarket Jeep soft and hard tops today. Whether you want the durability or a hard top of the flexibility of a soft top, there is an aftermarket option for you. Plus, you can consider some other upgrades such as Rough Country suspension lift kits.