5 Simple Ways to Improve Workplace Security

5 Simple Ways to Improve Workplace Security

Workplace security and safety is nothing to take lightly. With all the challenges inherent in growing a business, keeping the workplace safe is often a top priority. While some companies institute complex measures to help keep the workplace secure, not all businesses have the option to install high-tech, expensive security systems.

This does not mean, however, that you cannot do anything to help keep your workplace safe and secure. There are a lot of other ways you can use to increase and improve workplace security without breaking the bank. To show you what we mean, here are 5 examples:

Train everyone to put safety first at all times – training your employees to practice a “safety first” policy will help make your facility more secure for everyone. This means teaching everyone how to operate and work with safety always at the forefront.

For example, making sure that equipment are in good condition before operating them is one way of ensuring that safety is always prioritized. Checking wires for breaks or frays before using a tool or gadget is one way of ensuring safety when equipment is used.

Have a clean desk policy at work – a clean desk policy is often instituted by companies that are trying to reduce any chance of data breaches from happening. This usually means having a desk that is devoid of clutter and all items that contain data, such as USB drives, notepads, and documents, are stored away at the end of the day.

Some companies even insist that desks should have very little to no personal items on them to ensure that nothing important is misplaced in the clutter. There are even companies that disallow the use of portable data devices to prevent people from being tempted with data theft.

Security checks coming in and going out – keeping your workplace secure from both data breaches but and physical theft can be easily done with a regular check of personnel going in and out of it. This is why a lot of office buildings nowadays have security personnel at entrances and exits, checking bags and people as they come and go.

Some businesses use magnetic stickers that will trigger an alarm when passed through a detector. This method is often used to deter theft of office equipment and other important office items.

The use of custom lanyards and IDs – probably one of the simplest yet most effective ways to keep outsiders from infiltrating your workplace is to have a custom lanyard made for your company. Using customized lanyards that carry your company’s name on it and include special designs that cannot be found elsewhere can help reduce the chances of strangers entering your facility.

Identification cards that are attached to these lanyards, along with the wearer’s employee information, should always be worn to ensure that unauthorized personnel don’t have the chance to get into your workplace.

Implement access controls – limiting access to specific parts of your facility, as well as access to important information and documents, can help you increase workplace security. When you choose who can access the many different parts of your business and limit the areas where sensitive information and specialized equipment can be found, you reduce the chances of security breaches.

This move will also help ensure that when a security breach does happen, that you can localize the problem and narrow down the suspects to only those who have access.


These are just a few of the things you can do to help increase security at your workplace without having to purchase expensive equipment. You don’t need to hire more security personnel or install high-tech equipment to help keep your business secure. Implementing practical measures like ID cards, regular security checks, and safety training is mostly enough to stop most security breaches from happening in your workplace.