Smart addition projects that add value to a home

Smart addition projects that add value to a home

Building a sunroom is a great way to add value to a home

Photo by CC user Lombroso on wikimedia commons

If you’re thinking of expanding your space, a home addition can be a great way to get more usable square footage into your home. With an addition, you can also get even more value from your property. If you ever choose to sell, your home’s asking price may be much more with the extra space of an addition. Here are some of the best addition projects that can add value to a home…

Creating an In-Law Apartment

One of the best project ideas is an in-law apartment. This creates a separate, smaller residence on the grounds of your property. Also known as a secondary suite, this add-on to your home can help you in a variety of ways. For one, if you have an elderly relative, you can house him or her in the apartment so that if there is a health problem, you can quickly be near. Another way to take advantage of a secondary suite is to rent it out to in order to cash in on extra monthly rent income.

Constructing a Sunroom

Another popular type of addition project is building a sunroom. A sunroom, or Florida room, is a room that is typically on the outer edges of your home and covered in windows. Some builders are able to convert an existing back porch or patio space into this type of room for your home. Homeowners love having a sunroom as part of their home so that they can enjoy a grand view of the outdoors without having to be out in the elements.

Adding a Second Story

If your home was constructed with one floor, you can significantly increase the value of your property by adding a second story. Adding another floor to your home is a large and complicated project. Typically, you may need the assistance of an architect in order to make the addition work well with the current footprint of your home. It’s also important to consult with the top hvac specialists, who can help expand heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services throughout the newer part of your home.

Extending the Kitchen

For today’s home buyer, the kitchen is a top priority. If your kitchen is small and cramped, you can make it better by considering an addition to expand its footprint. Tiny, galley kitchens can be redesigned to contain a more open-concept feel that homeowners want now. An experienced contractor can help you rework the flow of your kitchen, so it becomes a better workspace for you and your family.

Building a Garage

The last popular home addition idea is to put a garage on your property. You can elect to construct either a detached garage or one that is part of your home’s square footage. Either way, a garage doesn’t necessarily need as much finishing as other types of additions, since for most people, it’s a place to store items or vehicles. Choosing to add an extra room or space to your home can be a great way to increase the worth of your investment.

Additionally, you can enjoy the new, generous amount of room within your home. One day, when you decide to sell, your home’s extra features may just be the deciding factor that pushes your home to the top of a potential buyer’s favorite properties list.