What Should Be in Your Plans For The Future?

What Should Be in Your Plans For The Future?

Making concrete plans for the future is something you are going to do at some point. That’s probably why you’re reading this.

Savings, retirement plans, pension, wills for our loved ones and the lot: perhaps, apart from a pension, you aren’t bound by constitution to have any of these. They are practical undertakings, and we are known for being practical.

Making plans for the future, if you are brave and smart enough, must also include plans for your eventual funeral. Because the truth is, we all need to do it. More people are taking the initiative to do this themselves to prevent their families from more stress and upset when the time comes.


Planning for the funeral

Making funeral plans is not about having a grim outlook on life: it can be a practical and smart decision. And here’s why…

A funeral, obviously, is a difficult time for the family. It is a time of loss; folks are emotionally drained and need time to mourn.

The last thing you probably want to worry about at this time is planning and executing the details of the funeral. And truth be told, you rightfully won’t don’t know an awful lot about planning a funeral.

Then there’s the issue of costs. As it turns out, funerals are not exempt from inflation. Today’s funeral will cost you about £3,700: it was about £1,900 in 2004, meaning that it could be up to £6,700 in ten years if the trend continues.

But you can actually pay today’s price for that funeral in ten years and beyond. Some funeral payment plans start from just less than £18 per month, so you can pay it off slowly in the background without one big bulk payment.

It is also a smart move to take care of legal matters such Wills, Power of Attorney, etc. What, with the number of will disputes in the UK more than doubling every year, it is wise to get these things settled in time to avoid a messy mourning period.

A funeral should be a time for mourning and peace, not a time for worrying about how you’re going to pay for it, ironing out ambiguous wishes, and settling disputes.

Planning a funeral today is a smart way to ensure that your loved one (or, well, you) get a proper, hassle-free funeral at a very convenient price when the time comes

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