How to Upgrade Your Technology Skills

How to Upgrade Your Technology Skills

Unless you went to school in the last decade, you will no doubt have faced moments where you felt as though your knowledge was out of date when it comes to using technology. I have a friend Abhishek Gattani who I have worked with in the past on a number of business projects, he is 8 years younger than me and when it comes to anything tech related, he absolutely runs rings around me. This began to bother me a coupe of years ago so I decided to change things a little.

I am by no means a fool, I just never ha the opportunity to learn about computing and software at school and I had a desire to learn some more. I decided to dedicate some time to upskilling myself and if you want to do the same then here is how I went about it.

College Course

There are many night schools and colleges which offer course for beginners on a range of technological subjects. I underwent a course in how to write code which lasted 6 months and cost me just $120. The classes were on an evening and gave the perfect opportunity to continue my day job and still be able to attend class at night. The course was really informative and packed with great ways to continue your learning after the class was over.

Video Tutorials

One of the best ways to learn anything in my view is to use sites like YouTube which are jam packed with video tutorials about just about anything that you can think of. If you think that you have some skill gaps in an area of technology and you want to learn a little bit more then head over to a video sharing platform and search for whatever it is that you want to learn. There are so many videos out there for tech-based information and this is a great way for you to learn.

Self Taught

If you have the discipline to learn something yourself from reading web pages and books then this is one way in which you can further enhance your knowledge. When I was trying to learn more about coding, I decided that the books simply were not enough for me and I counted to read them but signed up to a forum which meant that whenever I was in doubt about something, I could simply ask a question on the forum and there would be a whole host of friendly people who were ready to answer any concerns which I had. I used this type of learning after I had finished my college course because eI felt that if I already understood the basics, I could better learn form books and it worked out really well for me.

Don’t accept the gaps that you have in your technological knowledge, the world is is full of tech advancements and if you don’t understand then you could get left behind.