Most people love summertime and rightly so. It’s the time of the year when you can step out of the house freely, without having to worry about layering five different clothing items on yourself. Summer is also the favorite season of every extrovert. People who love volleyball matches at the beach, pool parties, hikes, barbeques or simply sunbathing. For the outdoorsy folks, summertime is the ultimate party time. 

If you can be counted as one of such people, it’s safe to assume you also understand how hot certain summer days can get. Even in countries that previously had mild summers, the temperature has started to get unusually higher, thanks to global warming and climate change.  Its best, however, to know the right ways to keep the heat at bay so that you can enjoy being outdoors without being at risk of overheating or worse, a heat stroke. 

Here are our 5 tips on how to enjoy the great outdoors without overheating.


The ideal place to start an initiative is always your home. Before you think about ways to protect yourself from the heat whilst outsides, you need to stop and think if your house is appropriately harbored from the harshness of the elements. The walls of a building don’t just need insulation against the external cold, excessive heat from outside also needs to be handled to regulate an optimum temperature within. The very basics are, of course, keeping doors and windows shut during day time to prevent the entrance of hot air. The windows that face direct sunlight should be curtained off heavily. If your house includes a back yard and a deck, you should hastily order some shade sails online. The right size and kind of shade sail will provide cover from the heat of the sun, and so you’ll be able to lounge out in the open and have your barbeque parties without a worry. You should also, ideally, have insulated roofs and doors, in addition to walls. White paint is yet another way to keep walls, facing the brunt of the sun, reflective and thus cooler. 


The human body is capable of doing wonderful things and one of them is regulating body temperature. But even our bodies have a certain limit, a point after which we get too hot too quickly and our system is unable to cool us down fast enough. It is, therefore, wise to take some preemptive measures of our own, to help our body regulate its temperature. The right clothing is key in letting your skin breathe through the heat. A tank top and some shorts might look like the perfect combination but in reality, they overexpose your skin to the high temperature and also to the harmful rays of the sun. As per the research, almost 80% of cases of cancers are due to sun exposure. We cannot stress enough on the importance of keeping your skin covered and protected. A strong SPF coupled with a long-sleeved, blowy cotton top should be your go-to outfit during the hottest days of the summer.


Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. This is one word we cannot say enough. Water is the most vital component of a human body, a much-needed solvent that is lost rather easily during soaring temperatures. Drink as much water as you can in a day, and keep its count out of the other drinks you favor during summertime. Carry your water bottle with you, no matter where you go. You can also download a mobile application like Drink water reminder that will track the amount of water you drank during a day and nudge you at set intervals as a reminder to hydrate your body. In addition to drinks, the food you eat also has a great impact on the overall condition of your body. Lay easy on the burgers and hot dogs, especially those with red meat as these tend to overload the stomach lining with large amounts of trans-fats. Instead devour seasonal fruits, keeping things light for your tummy and maintaining that summer body as a bonus. Yogurt is another example of a food item that’s super healthy, full of good nutrition and ideal for hot summer days.


Overexertion is a bad idea in most conditions but it gets worse when coupled with heat. Know your own body well enough to understand its limits and try your best not to test these boundaries. A healthy body is an unmatched blessing and you’d be wise not to take it for granted. No matter how much fun you’re having at that pool party or how it’s the best opportunity to acquire a tan, no amount of enjoyment is worth getting a heat rash or worse, a heat stroke. Our bodies are capable of indicating when they’ve reached a brink point and it is our responsibility to recognize and respect these signs. If you’re on a hike with a group of friends, on an exceptionally hot day, and after a point, you can feel the uneasiness in your chest, take a break. Don’t be worried about being left behind or missing out on the fun. Prioritize your well-being and continue only if and when you feel that your body has cooled down and can bear the exercise again.


Be it your home or your body; during hot, humid summer days, make it a rule of thumb to air it out. Feeling overheated during an outdoor event, excuse yourself and find a cool spot, beneath an air conditioner or a fan. Let the cool breeze bring your body temperature down and once you feel refreshed, you can back to your activity. Similarly, air out your house at the right time. During the day keep doors and windows shut, as advised above. But during night time open up connecting windows and doors to create airflow throughout the place. Good air circulation will help bring down the elevated temperature acquired during the day so that you sleep well all through the night.


Summer is the time to have all the fun and we are not one to stop you from any of it but always remember that your health should be your priority no matter the time of year. So be excited for the long summer days, but be prepared too. Wear light-colored, organic fabrics like cotton in loose silhouettes to maintain air circulation. Be armed with your tube of sunscreen, your most on-trend shades, and that big floppy hat. Go easy on the grilled meat and the greasy burgers, instead order yourself a fruit salad or a yogurt smoothie. Keep the linens on your bed white and the purest kind of cotton and you’ll never find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, in a pool of sweat.  Plan all the outdoor excursions you can, but be prepared with that cooler filled with ice-cold water and drinks. Enjoy your summer to the fullest but don’t let the sun get the best of you.