5 signs that your roof is leaking

5 signs that your roof is leaking

Stains like this on your ceiling is just one of many signs that your roof is leaking

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A leaking roof is big trouble and needs to be taken care of before it gets out of hand. Whether the leaks are small or large, they can cause havoc on your walls, foundation and on the exterior of your house.

Here are the signs that determine you may have a leaking roof. Make sure to pay attention to signs that your roof is leaking and tips so you can take the required measures:

Water Stain

A water stain on the ceiling may look like a large puddle with brown ring. However, it may not appear like that at all. Some stains are difficult to notice as they show up in dark corner while other noticeable stains may seem small but they may indicate a much larger leak. If you observe any sort of discoloration in your walls then have a closer look and check for other evident signs of leak like mold and moisture.


When leaks stay unnoticed for a longer period of time they are likely to form mold in your house. Mold is not just ugly but also harmful for health. Presence of mold may cause symptoms like itchy skin, cough and sore throat in your family members. If one or more people in your house are confronting these symptoms then look forward to perform a mold inspection by professionals. After the mold is removed, leaks can be fixed.

Water Spots on Exterior Walls

If the water puddles on ceiling get worse after the storm, you may have a flashing problem. Step flashing is where the roof is adjacent to or meets the wall; it is loose, damaged and rusted. Replacing step flashing is not a DIY job because it has to integrate with roof and the adjacent wall, which is required to be tackled by roofing professionals at Alps Roofing Solutions inc.

Missing Shingles or Debris in Downspouts

Pay attention to missing shingles and debris in downspouts. Another hint is a patchy roof which is likely to leak with time. When you see these damaging conditions you need to consult professionals with roofing skills, get a free roofing estimate now.

Signs in the Attic

If you can access the attic in case you have any, then it can show you indications that lead to a leaking roof. Those pretty obvious signs include stains, moldy areas and discoloration to a great extent.

If you see any of these signs it is time to call an expert. Make sure to not waste time since not paying attention to a leaking roof can lead to major problems and may destroy the whole house.