DIY: How to Clean Your AC

DIY: How to Clean Your AC

Knowing How to Clean Your AC can improve your unit's efficiency

Photo by CC user Solomon203 on Wikimedia Commons

To ensure that your air-conditioner keeps on working properly, you should keep it clean and away from debris that might cause it to not function properly. Regular maintenance of air conditioner’s filters, fins and coil will not only improve its efficiency but it will also save a lot of energy. Here’s a quick DIY guide on how to clean your AC.

Before you head on, be sure that you have all the necessary equipment firsthand:

  • A Screwdriver
  • A Shop Vacuum
  • A Fin Comb or Tool Kit
  • Water and Vinegar Solution
  • A Pump Sprayer
  • A Foaming Cleaner

You can get these from any decent air conditioner Calgary store.

1. Clean The Filters First

The filters are one of the most important parts of your AC. They help protect your AC from getting clogged or even malfunctioning. This is the reason that filters require more maintenance and care than other parts of an air-conditioner. Filters may get clogged and dirty within a few weeks. It is recommended to clean them at least once a month.

To clean the filters:

  • Remove the casing first and take out these filters.
  • Depending on your air-conditioner type; there may be two or more than two filters.
  • Once you have removed the filters, vacuum them and get rid of all the dirt and debris.
  • After that, you can gently wash these filters with water and vinegar, which will ensure that all the bacteria is killed.
  • Let them dry and then place them back.

2. Head on for Coils and Fins

While condenser coils and fins don’t need regular maintenance, leaving them unattended for years can affect the cooling and heating capabilities. Here is how you clean them:

  • Disconnect power
  • With a screwdriver, detach the access panels of the unit.
  • Remove the fan assembly but be careful not to damage the fan wires (if any).
  • Remove the dirt and debris accumulated with either a brush or vacuum and lubricate the fan assembly with oil if necessary.
  • Wrap the electric wires or motors and rinse the coils with a pump sprayer. You can also add a biodegradable foaming cleaner but it is not necessary.
  • Once the runoff is clear, see if there are any bent or damaged fins.
  • These fins can be easily repaired by a special fin comb which you can buy from an air-conditioner store.
  • Let it dry and then remove the wrappings from electric wires and motors before reassembling it back.

If you have a room air-conditioner with you, then its fins and coils should also be cleaned thoroughly. To do that, a foaming cleaner and a spray bottle can do just fine!

You’re Done!

Cleaning your AC on a regular basis will ensure that it works optimally. Neglecting the maintenance of your air-conditioner can lead to many hurdles which you don’t want.