You Should Be Worried When You Smell These Odors At Home

You Should Be Worried When You Smell These Odors At Home

Emergencies in the household are of course something that every homeowner seeks to avoid, yet unfortunately this is something which is not always possible. With this being said, occasionally there are some symptoms of an issue in the home, which we may receive some prior warning for. These notices can be anything from a dripping behind the plasterboard, a bubble slowly appearing in the ceiling, or perhaps a particular smell. In fact smells are very important and here are some that you certainly don’t want in your home, and smells which should prompt you to take action.


Gas leaks can cause all kind of havoc, from exorbitant bills owing to losing gas to fires and explosions. Naturally the consequences of a gas leak are dire so you always need to be alert in terms of smelling gas. Thankfully gas is a pungent and easily identifiable smell, and it only takes a small amount of gas to create a strong odor in the home. If you smell gas, first check your oven and stove, then check the boiler, if it isn’t as simple as someone having left the gas on, get the professionals in as soon as possible.


If you can smell fish in the home, when there is no reason for it, you could have a problem with the wiring in your home or perhaps an appliance. The smell comes from mis-firing electrodes, and can also be caused by blocked filters in an appliance. If you smell a fishy odor in the air, try to identify what it is, and then call in the experts to have it looked at.


Believe it or not you can actually smell a death-like ammonia odor in the home, when a pest has died in the home’s ventilation system or perhaps even behind a wall. This is pungent smell which will grow stronger as the body decomposes. The problem with dead animals such as rodents in the home is that they then attract thousands of insects, who will then find their way into your home.


If there is a vile/eggy smell around the home then it is likely the pipes, sewers or the drainage units in the home. We had to call in the guys from Morrison Plumbing & Mechanical last year to have our sewers looked at after this awful stench penetrated our family home. The issue turned out to be very simple, we did not have enough water in our P trap, this is a small piece of tubing which has water inside it at all times, that blocks any foul smells coming from the sewerage system below. This smell can occur quickly and you will most certainly notice it when it arrives as it really is rancid.

Keep your nose sharp when you are in the home, you may be able to detect a problem before it turns into an emergency.