Why Napa Should be on Your Bucket List

Why Napa Should be on Your Bucket List

Napa and Sonoma lie a short drive from San Francisco and produce some of California’s finest wine. Grape vineyards cover the landscape. You can find plenty of Napa and Sonoma short-term rentals to have a luxurious getaway in the wine valleys. Whether you want to visit for a night or spend a week in this serene environment, check out these reasons why you should put it on your bucket list.


So much wine

If you’re a fan of wine, you’ll love this region. Dozens of vineyards line the undulating landscapes including the famous Chateau Montelena. The wineries open all year round, so you can visit and taste wine whenever you want. Most visitors come in the late spring or early summer. If you travel outside these seasons, you’ll have the place to yourself. The best way to get the most out of Napa and Sonoma is by hiring a tour guide. You can visit several places on a day trip. And more importantly, you can try as much wine as you like. Bring a few of your favourite bottles back to your vacation rental. Then sit outside in the warm evening and enjoy it.

The rare chance to blend your own wine

Some of the wineries in Napa Valley offer a unique experience: The opportunity to blend your own wine. After booking a session, you’ll meet the experts who quickly explain the basics. Then you’ll take part in the Barrel Blending class which allows you to mix and match to try and create the perfect wine. Only a handful of wineries in the United States offer this type of experience, so make the most of it. Places in the class are limited. So it’s a good idea to plan your visit and book your spot at least a week in advance. And the best part is that you can take the wine you blend back home.

High-quality food

Apart from the wine, Napa and Sonoma serve up some of California’s finest food. The region has everything from food trucks to wood fire pizza to Michelin star restaurants. Search online before you go and find out where you want to eat. Or ask for recommendations when you arrive. The high standard of dining complements the wine, and you’re guaranteed to have the perfect pairing. If you’re on vacation, take the time to indulge yourself. And make the most of all the options available. You’ll go away with a full stomach and a different idea of the term Foodie paradise.

There’s as much varieties of beer as wine

Napa Valley not only has over 400 wineries, but has several micro-breweries specialising in craft beer. Any beer lover can tour the different breweries trying over a hundred different types of beer. Search online and you’ll uncover a list of the most highly rated spots to enjoy a glass or two. Each microbrewery has a signature drink, and you can go for your entire vacation having a different glass of beer. This offers a welcoming break from the bland varieties found in bars throughout the United States.

It’s not just about food and drink

Most tourists come to Napa Valley for wine and food. But beyond the resorts and wineries, you’ll find countless activities that’s fun for the entire family. Follow hiking trails through the hills and past the vineyards. Splash out and go horse riding over the backcountry. You can also rent bicycles and go for a leisurely ride down practically deserted roads. And that’s just the surface. Health-conscious  visitors can enjoy the countless spas. Families have the chance to stay at a ranch and get a sense of the old Wild West. You can even visit the nearby geyser.

Embrace the thriving arts and culture scene

Museums and art galleries line the streets of Napa. Some focus on the historical importance of the Napa Valley in wine productions. Others focus on more speciality interests and offer a unique day out. Check out the art galleries displaying everything from modern to abstract to classics. Most tourists neglect this cultural part of Napa and head straight to the wineries or microbreweries. Make the most of the opportunity to experience some of the best art and culture in California. If you’re not into spending your time inside, check out the Art Walk. The short walk meanders around 29 sculptures and installations in central Napa.

Live music and a vibrant nightlife

Listening to live bands is as much of life in Napa as drinking fine wine. Stroll through the central part of the city and you’ll find plenty of bars and lounges. Many of these have regular bands playing in the evening. You can head to some and listen to singers and relax with a glass of local wine while smooth jazz plays in the background. Or head to some of the more energetic places blasting rock or electronic music. It doesn’t matter what your taste in music is, you’ll find a place to chill out in Napa. Throw in the wide selection of wine, craft beer and good food and you’re in for a treat.

Napa Valley offers a fun experience for every type of tourist

Tourists from around the United States regularly visit Napa and Sonoma for the fine wine, craft beer and entertainment. Spend your days touring the vineyards before eating at Michelin star restaurants. Make the most of the thriving cultural scene and visit the countless museums and art galleries. Or get away from the centre and go hiking through the vineyards.