What Makes A Good Lawyer Practice And What You Should Look For When Choosing One

What Makes A Good Lawyer Practice And What You Should Look For When Choosing One

Inevitably there comes a time in your life when you will need a lawyer. It can be an overwhelming process to figure out who you should hire.

Regardless of what type of lawyer you need, there are several points to consider when choosing one. Choosing the right lawyer for your case will give the best chance at reaching your desired outcome. It is beneficial to take the time to consider your legal representation carefully.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a good lawyer practice.

1. Set up an interview.

A good way to begin your selection process is by arranging for an initial consultation. You can start with reading the info about the potential law firm, such as in about Thurswell Law. This gives you an opportunity to see which lawyer you would like to speak with first and see if he or she is the right fit for your case.

Some lawyers may offer this initial consultation at no charge. It is worth asking about this policy when you call.

2. Ask about their track record

As you are consulting with your potential lawyer, you should ask them for their track record. It will help you to make a decision if you have a clear idea of how successful the lawyer has been with cases similar to yours. This also helps you to gauge their experience handling any subtle nuances that might come up with your case.

3. What is my cost

Another crucial aspect to finding the right representation is the cost. This detail is important to know up front. Lawyers may bill clients in different ways and you do not want to be surprised at any step of the way. A reputable lawyer should be able to lay out the fee schedule for you and also be able to give you a rough estimate of the cost of your case based on their experience with similar cases. You also have the right to a fair and reasonable cost.

4. Firm size

The size of the law firm can be a definite factor in picking the right one for your case. Some firms are small and others are huge. There are definite advantages to each type. A smaller firm will allow for individual attention from start to finish. A larger firm may not have that personal attention, but they will have more resources available to them than the smaller firm.

5. Referrals

When you are looking for a lawyer to represent you, ask around. You can start with friends or associates who have used legal help themselves. Another great option is to check with groups like AARP. You can also check with lawyer referral services to help you start a list of firms and lawyers to check out.


There are many reasons to hire a good lawyer. It is crucial that you take your time and consider all the aspects of a certain lawyer before you retain their services. Interviewing a lawyer and asking these questions will help you make a choice that will ensure your legal success.