What Is the Best Way to Store Your Guns?

What Is the Best Way to Store Your Guns?


The citizens of the United States have 33% of all the civilian guns in the world.

Owning and possessing firearms is a significant component of American culture and has been for centuries. Part of being a good gun owner is knowing how to store your guns. Gun storage is vital for a variety of reasons including the safety of your family and guns.

Here’s what you need to know about the proper storage of a gun.

Safety First

The first thing to deal with is gun safety. When you store a weapon, you should do so without the ammunition. This prevents any accidents from occurring.

You can also separate the ammo storage and the gun storage. If you put them both in their own locked, secure container it would require two keys or combinations to get in. This provides an extra layer of protection for you and your family.

Why Store Guns?

Gun storage is crucial because you don’t want to leave a gun sitting around whether it’s loaded or not. Dust, contaminants, and dirt will get into the gun, making it less reliable. Guns are also prone to rust if they aren’t left in proper storage conditions.

Another reason firearm storage is necessary is safety. If your home is going to have a new addition, remember that infants and toddlers try to interact with everything. Until you can teach your children how to handle guns, they should be locked up and out of reach.

In some places, there are legalities to consider as well. If your gun gets stolen or falls into the wrong hands, you can be liable for damages. Having a good, secure method of weapon storage prevents you from having to deal with any legal headaches.

Gun Cases

When you buy a gun, if it’s new, it will come with a gun case. Gun cases are often nice to look at and have foam lining on the inside. You should never store a gun for too long in the same gun case that it came in.

The reason for this is that the foam that protects the gun also attracts and traps moisture. Gun cases fail as a long-term storage option for this reason. No gun should be stored in an area with no dry air circulating around them.

Gun Safes

Modern gun safes are an excellent option for gun storage, but there are a few issues. One is that guns stored in a safe should get inspected and cleaned every so often. Some people will even clean their guns once a month, to keep them in good working order.

It is always a good idea to get out the guns you have stored and inspect them on a regular basis. This is not only fun, but it will show you if there are any problems brewing. This way you can handle the issues with regular maintenance and avoid any expensive repairs or malfunctions.

Other Safety Devices

Many people and some jurisdictions require that weapons get stored with locks on them. These locks are often trigger locks that require a key or a combination to open. This is a great option for a gun that you aren’t going to rely on for home defense or personal protection.

There are gun safes with quick opening options, such as biometric sensors like thumbprint scanners. This allows you to store a gun but still access it in a hurry if there’s a reason to. This is an excellent option for a gun that you intend to use for home defense or personal protection.

All safety devices need weighed in consideration with what the gun is for. A hunting rifle, for instance, can be very secure and there isn’t going to be a problem. If you’re going to hunt, you’ll have plenty of time to remove the safety features and get the weapon out of a safe.

Soft Cases and Holsters

No gun should be in a soft case or a holster for an extended period of time. If you have a personal defense gun that you keep holstered, make sure to take it out and use it from time to time. Along with using it, inspect the gun and clean it on a regular basis to ensure it functions.

In general, it is best to avoid this as a long-term solution. Also, don’t keep loading and unloading the same bullet into the chamber. Rotate your ammunition and shoot off any rounds that you load and reload on a regular basis.

Ready for a New Gun

If you’re purchasing your first gun, make sure to have good storage options ready before you get it. This means a high-quality, secure gun safe or other solution. Once you’re sure that’s taken care of, get out there and find the gun of your dreams.

If you’re looking for high-quality guns that you can count on to be accurate and reliable, go here. These guns will be perfect for anyone as long as you store them in a safe and responsible manner. They will stay functional and beautiful for years and years.

The Enemy of Guns

Remember that moisture and contaminants are the two most dangerous enemies of your guns. Make sure they are stored in a dry area where dry air can get around them. Make sure that they are also clean and aren’t over lubricated, this will keep contaminants off of them.

Gun Storage and You

Depending on where you live, gun storage has a legal component to it. For most Americans, that isn’t a big concern, but safety and condition are both still important. Proper gun storage can ensure that your favorite firearm becomes a family heirloom and works for decades or centuries in the future.

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