What to Wear on a Game Shoot

What to Wear on a Game Shoot

If you are new to the ancient and traditional sport of hunting, your first thought will be clothing. One simply cannot turn up in jeans and sneakers, and as this used to be a pastime exclusively for the aristocracy, certain protocol must be followed. If you are thinking a few hundred pounds will kit you out, think again, as the quality of the garments must be of the highest standard if it is to endure the rigors of hunting. Any thoughts of wearing something not specific to hunting should be quickly erased. You may also want to consider wearing level 4 body armor plates and other protective items of clothing, as firearms can be fired by mistake and accidents can happen. Body armor can be a useful precaution to take.

Hunting Cap

A stylish tweed flat cap is the preferred headwear, and this allows you to shade your eyes, which is essential when searching the horizon for the game. The traditional flat cap is ideal for hunting, and there will be other occasions when it can be used, such as fishing, or out walking the dog, and with a classic tweed pattern that goes well with the jacket and the breeks, heads will surely turn.

Tweed Jacket

This is a must for every gentleman on the hunt, and if you’d like to see the very best brands, check out the Harkila sale at Great British Outfitters, a traditional supplier of quality outdoor attire to the British Gentry. If you really want to fit right in, a classic brand like Harkila is the way to go, and they have a wide range of styles, as well as all the accessories you might require. Hunting jackets have all the right pockets in the right places, and with a well-known brand, you are guaranteed durability.


The hunting term for trousers, breeks are typically made from tweed, and it isn’t the one thing to have the same tweed as the jacket, so pick a nice contrast, or, of course, you could settle for plain breeks, which are fine. Fully lined is recommended for the harsh UK climate, and make sure the fit is good, not too tight as to restrict leg movement. If you are at all interested in the history of breeks, refer to some informative articles online that delve into the past.

Hunting Footwear

A pair of Wellington boots is the order of the day if it is raining, otherwise a pair of walking boots are fine. Obviously, you want good ankle support and good grip is essential. This is one item of hunting apparel that is not so rigid, and the main thing is that the wearer is comfortable.

Hunting Socks

Worn with the traditional breeks, the socks are an integral component of the right look, and the pattern should go well with your tweed. You will, of course, need a pair of garters, and aside from the aesthetic angle, long socks make it easier to move around, and they provide all the protection you need.

One needs to do a little online research if it is your first time attending a game shoot, and the Internet can also help you to locate a reputable clothing retailer, and they can advise you on every aspect of hunting attire.