Checklist of the Things to Take Care of for Your Vacation to America

Checklist of the Things to Take Care of for Your Vacation to America

For those living in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa, a trip to the United States is a dream vacation. The US as well renowned for its beauty, grandeur, and the list of amazing sites and activities that you can view and participate in with your family.

First thing to do is to get a visa

Anyone wishing to visit the United States need to secure a visa from the Department of Homeland Security. This organization does background checks on any potential visitors and issues visas when appropriate. Most countries around the world have to go through the typical Visa process in order to be allowed entry and to spend time in the United States. This process can be challenging and time-consuming.

Do you need an ESTA Visa?

There are 38 countries however whose citizens are Visa exempt. Those who live in these countries do not have to go through the typical Visa process, but instead must acquire an ESTA Visa. This Visa is issued via a Visa Waiver Program extended to those countries that are closest to the United States. If you are a citizen of one of the 38 countries, you may qualify after going through a short process that can be handled online with a Visa issued to you and as little as 72 hours. When you have an ESTA Visa USA is your locked-in destination.

Where to go in the US

The country has 50 states with each having its own character, charm, and specific list of reasons for you to visit. On the East Coast there are the older and more traditional cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. These cities offer lots of culture and a glimpse into the past wear the original 13 colonies that became the United States were started. Today they are each sprawling megalopolises and centers of finance and commerce. They also offer a wide range of sites and activities for individuals, couples, and families.

In the US South, the warm weather allows for miles and miles of beautiful beaches, and the world famous US southern hospitality. States including Florida, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, and Kentucky each have their own reasons why your trip should be there. The food, and beautiful countryside’s are only part of the reason.

In the American southwest states like Texas, Arizona, and Utah offer just as warm temperatures, but give you a glance at the old American West, when cowboys and horses or in large supply. These areas have also been embracing the future and are now considered some of the most forward-thinking in the country. People come here to view the contrast and lifestyles, and for the unique scenery.

The Pacific Northwest which includes cities like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, is the heartland for technology in the country. Companies like Facebook, Starbucks, and Microsoft, have brought technological advancements to these cities. They are certainly some of the most beautiful in the United States, as well as being the most diverse ethnically.

Where should you visit?

There’s so many different factors to consider when trying to choose what part of the United States to visit. If you have family or friends in one part of the country, this can certainly make it easier, because it will direct you as to where you should go. If not, then you really need to focus on what your interests are, and what excites you the most.

Are you planning a summer trip? And if so do you want to visit the beaches, or see the sights? Perhaps you might want to take a trip to the Southwest and visit Las Vegas, which is known as a city that is unique on the globe. This city bring up from the middle of the desert, and now plays host to more than 37 million people every year. They come to gamble, to see the shows, and to enjoy the amazing restaurants and one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences.

If you come during the winter, perhaps you want skiing to be a part of your vacation. The United States has many world class ski areas including several in Colorado, Utah, and California. These areas are also great places to bring family because they have many family focused entertainment activities in their cities.

Many who decide to come to the United States opt for visiting more than one city and even visiting more than one area of the country. This allows for them to experience the different sub-cultures and experiences that make each part of the country unique.