Top 4 Alternative Hairstyles to rock in 2019

Top 4 Alternative Hairstyles to rock in 2019

Looking for a fresh new look? Or another hairstyle to rock in your alternative life?

Whether you’re a beautiful blonde escort, mad about dying your hair in a million different colourful shades or a shy pixie-haired teen, look no further than our list of amazing inclusive styles.


This style is the perfect addition to spice up your hair.  They can work with both long and short hair, you just need to take the plunge and try it!  There are a couple of ways to install these, whether it be making your own on buying a few premade ones. These also look really unique when paired with a full fringe which crosses into the cybergoth scene. If you are the more daring type, you could get your own hair dreaded, so that they look more authentic.  But extensions are always fun.  Bold and unique, this style will certainly turn heads.

Split hair

Wanting a cool new colour but can’t decide which one to commit to?  With the split hairstyle, you have the perfect compromise. The end result is having one side of your hair one of your chosen colours, and the other side of your hair the other colour. For this, if you have dark hair you may need to bleach your hair to get the full pigment of the hair dye, so you can get a professional to do that, or carefully do it yourself.  Pick your two favourite colours, and you’re set!


Don’t want to ruin your beautiful hair with bleach and dye? Or just want to be able to change styles quickly? Wigs are the best choice for someone like you.  They offer a range of colours, styles and textures so your options are endless.  If you would like a more realistic looking wig, you should look into purchasing a lace front, which you would glue the front onto your head. Sounds kind of daunting, but rest assured, the wig glue is completely safe, and you can also wear a wig cap to protect your hair.  If you are looking for a laceless wig and one you can easily place on your head and remove just as quick, then a normal wig without lace will help.  You can adjust these on your head with the straps they come with to suit your head shape.

Space buns

Originally known as Bantu knots, this adorable style is easy to master and will get a lot of positive attention.  This simple style just requires you to part your hair into two sides, then put both sides into ponytails, and wrap them around the bobble, until they form a ball/bun shape.  From here you can either use a hairslide to clip this into place or another bobble.  This is one of the cutest alternative hairstyles and will look extra cute if you get an undercut which can be formed into geometrical shapes or flowers.

Those are just a few of the many alternative hairstyles out there, but they are some of the most popular, so make sure you hop on these trends now!

Are you ready to rock your new style?

Alternative hairstyles are a great way to express who you are as a person. Your individuality is unique to you and nothing should stop you from showing it off. Have fun!

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