Extend the Life of Your Hair

Extend the Life of Your Hair

Learn how to Extend the Life of Your Hair ... photo by CC user 93963757@N05 on Flickr

Ask just about any woman what her biggest personal challenge is on a daily basis and she’s likely to tell you her hair.

Whether it is long, short or in between, many women find their hair to be that friend all ladies have who never wants to cooperate. As a result, a peaceful and productive day in the office or a day of rest and relaxation can turn into anything but that.

Despite the challenges that many females face with their hair preparations and finding the right hair care products along the way, there are options out there.

For ladies, options can include working in-step with their hairdresser’s suggestions, experimenting with different styles to see which fits best, and turning to companies such as Airy Hair for a variety of hair extensions.

For those women choosing the last option, there are myriad of hair extension products out there that can bring new life to their hairstyles.

Among some of the extension options:

  1. Remy Clip-in hair extensions – This offers 100 percent human hair that ranges from 15” to 28” in a straight or wavy look. The extensions come in a variety of colors for all such products, including shades of brown, black, blonde, red, purple and more. Real Remy hair (also known as Remi) is the top quality hair available. It is all of the same length and is properly aligned with all cuticles going in the same direction. Due to this, Remy hair extensions are tangle free and typically have a longer life than non-Remy products;
  2. Remy Stick/ I-Tip hair extensions – Another 100 percent human hair offering that ranges in size from 16” to 26” with a straight appearance. I-tip extensions are attached with the cold fusion method (no heat). Basically, the added hair is inserted via a micro-tube/micro ring and then secured with pliers;
  3. Remy Nail/ U-Tip Keratin Hair – This is 100 percent human hair (straight, wavy and curly) from sizes 16” to 26”. The u-tip extensions are hair strands with a u-shaped tip composed of keratin, a natural protein. The nail tip extensions are long-term hair tresses that are required to be worn regularly for several weeks. They are connected with the bonding practice of melting the keratin and fusing it with your original hair;
  4. Remy Micro Ring Loop Hair – This 100 percent human hair ranges in size from 16” to 26” (straight hair). Micro loop hair extensions are just the answer for those who have been seeking a reliable alternative of long, lustrous hair. Their application takes all of about 10 minutes and doesn’t require a stylist;
  5. Remy Invisible Tape-in HairIf you’re looking for this kind of 100 percent human hair, it comes in sizes ranging from 16” to 30”. Tape-in hair extensions have increased in popularity in recent years due to their easy application as compared to fusion hair extensions. They are a simple and a convenient way to stretch your locks; no expert assistance is necessary. Typically, the entire process takes approximately 20 minutes;
  6. Remy Weft Hair ExtensionsFor straight and wavy hair, these extensions range in size from 10” to 28”. For those women in search of high quality hair, Brazilian weft extensions are a good option. They can be customized and applied according to one’s requirements, be it clips, glue or nylon.


For those women (or men for that matter) who think hair loss and hair care is not that big a deal for many women, think again.

Did you know that the beauty salon trade in general is a $20 billion industry, one to which a very large number of women contribute to annually?

It is estimated that the average woman’s haircut is around $44 nationwide, while men typically pay about $28 per visit. New York City comes in with the most expensive average women’s haircut price at $73, with Minneapolis cutting that price down to the least expensive at $41.

Finally, whether you opt for hair extensions or not, take stock in how much time and effort you put into your hair.

Face it; just about all women will tell you at one time or another that they’re having a bad hair day.

The trick is to prevent those bad hair days from happening to begin with.