To Daddy Dearest: 7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in Quarantine

To Daddy Dearest: 7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in Quarantine

Father’s Day in 2020 might be the strangest Father’s Day since 1910. The first Father’s Day in America was in that year. This year it falls on June 21.

Do you want to make the greatest dad in the world happy on Father’s Day? You do? Read on to find out how to celebrate Father’s Day in quarantine.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is traditionally an opportunity to recognize the role of dads. Fathers, grandfathers, new dads, and stepdads can all get the Father’s Day treatment. An outing, a party, or dinner out can all be features of this annual celebration.

While quarantine is in place the conventional way of doing things doesn’t apply in so many aspects of life. That’s no reason to miss this special event for dads. There are lots of ways to make Father’s Day special.

You can shop for Father’s Day online or join him using technology and virtual meeting apps like Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

Some of these ideas work well when the father has a family with them in quarantine. Some of them work well if the celebrations have to be long-distance affairs.

1. Father’s Day Feast

Dad’s love food. A conventional treat for dad might have been a brunch or dinner with family members in attendance. You can still have a feast for Father’s Day at home.

A great idea is to serve brunch at home. Make it special by selecting all his favorite foods. Other family members can join virtually.

Other people can join the celebrations by video call. They can pass on Father’s Day wishes. To make it more realistic, people joining the party virtually can also have brunch.

2. Taste the Difference

Does your dad like beer? If he does, organize a beer tasting evening for him. Select a range of beers from local craft brewers and let the tasting begin.

Half the fun of a beer tasting evening is discussing the beers. A virtual beer tasting works well if all the participants have the same range of beers and they take turns to taste, compare notes, and rate the beers. The added benefit of this fun idea for dads is that it helps support hard-pressed local businesses too.

Do this over the internet for a virtual beer tasting that might start business-like but ends in plenty of beer-fueled fun and laughter. Cheers dad!

3. Dad Jokes

Everybody knows that dads tell terrible jokes. There’s even a name for this category of unfunny jokes. Dad jokes.

On this one day of the year, we can tolerate dads telling corny jokes but why not help him get some new ones. Organize an evening of comedy entertainment. Spend an evening with dad watching his favorite comedians on TV.

On-demand TV has a wide range of stand-up comedians doing their thing. Pick two or three shows, a bag of chips, a drink, and settle down for some belly laughs. You might hear some of those jokes again when your dad recycles them but at least you’ll know he had a great Father’s Day celebration.

4. Make Him Proud

Dad’s love to see their kids do well. Whether it’s a sporting achievement, academic attainment, or just walking for the first time, dads love to feel proud of their kids.

This Father’s Day idea takes some preparation but it’ll be worth it to see his face. Come up with a skill or ability that you know will impress your dad. It could be juggling, speaking some words in a foreign language, singing a song, or some great grades at school.

Keep it secret until Father’s Day. Tell your dad that you’ve been working on something that you hope will make him proud for Father’s Day. Perform your skill or reveal your attainment and watch his face beam with pride.

5. Sweet Treats

Prepare a sweet reminder of how you feel about your dad. A cake, some cookies, or a jar of sweet things fastened with a bow. These sweet treats say “I love you dad”.

The trick to making this sweet treat special is to get the flavor selection just right. You might need to do some detective work beforehand but you must find out about his preferences. Have the cake or other sweet treat delivered if you can’t be with him.

6. Backyard Adventure

Dads are just little boys who have responsibilities. Sometimes, they love nothing more than to be allowed to be little boys once again. What little boy doesn’t love a camping adventure?

The camping ground might have to be in your yard. So long as there’s a campfire, some food, and the stars above your yard is a fine location for an adventure. Join him, if you can, to make it even more special.

The benefits of a yard-based adventure are that extra supplies are nearby, washroom facilities are conveniently located, and if the weather turns bad, you can easily find shelter. This Father’s Day celebration is not limited to dad’s with small children. Never forget that there’s a child in all of us.

7. Sports Night

A feast of sporting pleasure can be a great Father’s Day idea. Live sports are so much more fun when they’re shared. You can share watching a game in two or more locations when connected by video technology or even by phone.

A variation on this is to revisit a classic sporting memory. It might be a great game of yesteryear or perhaps one with significance. YouTube or some other service might be the place to find sporting events from the year he became a dad.

Dad’s Special Day

Father’s Day is an opportunity to show appreciation. Whatever idea you choose, make sure you let him know he’s loved. That’s how to celebrate father’s day in 2020.

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