Tips for Hosting an Epic New Year’s Eve Wedding

Tips for Hosting an Epic New Year’s Eve Wedding

Just like New Year’s Eve, a wedding is equal parts celebration and symbolism. You party with friends and family, but you also make a commitment to how you’re going to spend the rest of your life. If you and your partner both love the idea of new beginnings and starting your marriage with a big bash, then New Year’s Eve may be the perfect day to tie the not. That way, you can take your wedding vows together as you usher in the new year and a new chapter of your life together—and dance with your friends all night.

How Does a New Year’s Eve Wedding Differ from Any Other Date?

Unfortunately, you and your partner won’t be the only ones who realize New Year’s Eve is perfect for a wedding. You’ll likely have stiff competition when it comes to booking your venue. But if you start planning early and keep an open mind about locations, you’ll find the perfect place to say “I do.”

Also, you’ll have to keep in mind that a proper New Year’s Eve wedding will go past midnight. You’ll have to secure vendors who are willing to work after typical hours, which will likely come at a steeper rate. But if you’re willing to pay a little more for the perfect party, you can absolutely make it work if you get a head start on planning.

Consider Booking a Hotel Venue

To make things simpler for both you can your guests, consider holding your New Year’s Eve wedding at a hotel. If you take this route, you can have all your friends and family in one place; you’ll get discounted group rates, and you won’t have to worry about transportation to and from the reception.

Hire a Planner

With any wedding, you can expect a few hiccups and last moment changes. Now, add to that the stress of the holiday season. If you want to enjoy the holidays while adding the final touches to your wedding day plans, hiring a planner is the way to go. They will help you navigate the process with ease.

Find a Bomb-a$$ DJ

Dancing and music are a must for a wedding and a New Year’s Eve celebration. If you want your guests to stay until at least midnight, you need to invest in a DJ that can entertain for hours on end. For the perfect night, give your DJ a list of both party pleasers and the sentimental songs that will bring you and your partner to the center of everyone’s attention.

Get Festive With Your Dress

When trying on wedding dresses, make sure you take the reception and all the associated movements into consideration. Either pick a gown you can really dance in, or opt to change your ensemble between the ceremony and the reception. If you take that route, a short but elegant white dress will keep you feeling light but luxurious throughout the whole night.

Gold, Silver, and Black

How do you decorate for a New Year’s Eve wedding? Embrace a celebratory color scheme of gold, silver, and black. You also can’t go wrong with anything that sparkles and shines. For example, you can decorate with statement chandeliers.

Schedule Your Cocktail Hour After Cake

To create a more party-like atmosphere, consider a cocktail dinner where people can roam around, grab a bite, drink, and dance. If you’re starting early, consider having a second cocktail hour after cutting the cake. Late-night snacks are common at weddings, but if your guests stay until the wee hours, you’ll want to provide something more than a snack to eat.

Don’t Forget the Countdown

Lastly, a New Year’s Eve wedding has to have a countdown. Just like any other New Year’s Ever party, you and your guests should be ready to make some noise and toast with a flute of champagne. For a picture-perfect setup, you can build a champagne tower that matches the overflowing joy of the evening. After that, have your guests line up outside for a sparkler send off.

Make it an Affair to Remember

If you do it right, a New Year’s Eve wedding can be the ultimate celebration of love, friends, and family. Though you have to be ambitious and organized with your planning, it will all pay off when the ball drops, and you and your partner are surrounded by the people you love offering you well wishes for the years to come.