The Spine Whisperer: What to expect from your first Chiropractic Visit?

The Spine Whisperer: What to expect from your first Chiropractic Visit?

The system of chiropractic therapy is an age-old therapy for the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders. It mainly deals with the prevention of disorders in the musculoskeletal system of our body involving the spinal cord. It involves fixing the body alignment in certain ways to ease pain in the body. A Chiropractor is professionally trained in the intricacies of this therapy. This is an alternative medical treatment that involves no surgical or chemical use. People without advanced joint diseases are likely to react better to chiropractic therapy. 

What is the method involved in this therapy?

In an advanced method of practicing chiropractic therapy, the diagnosis is usually done with the help of X-rays and a stereoscope. It becomes easier to determine the origin of the pain. This accuracy in determining the root cause of the problem helps the chiropractor in determining the course of the therapy. The traditional way of determining the origin is through the method of touch and feel, but in today’s time, an advanced variation of using X-rays and stereoscopes helps in delivering a better treatment. Even today, the touch-and-feel technique is extremely important for diagnosing the origin of the pain. 

Knowing the location of the problem helps in delivering accurate adjustments to fix the pain easily. Chiropractic therapy is extremely effective in correcting spinal subluxation. The accurate location-identifying technique helps in delivering faster and complete relief. It is a natural healthcare process. It mainly involves manual therapy. Besides aligning the joints, the spine and soft tissues are also a part of the therapy. It might also include lifestyle counseling and a certain set of exercises. 

What are the types of pain that can be cured through chiropractic therapy?

Certain sets of physical pain can be done away with effective chiropractic therapy. Some of these pains are very common in today’s individuals. The effectiveness of chiropractic therapy has given it immense popularity in today’s times. Some of the common physical issues that are cured through chiropractic therapy are-

  • Neck Pain – Most of the time, the usual medical treatments involve providing temporary relief to your neck pain. But if you want a permanent fixation on your long-lasting neck pain issue, diagnosis of the underlying cause of your neck pain is a must. A chiropractor exactly does this job and provides a permanent solution to your problem of neck pain. 
  • Hip Pain – In most cases, hip pain is caused due to misalignment of the spine. Chiropractic therapy will help you in adjusting and re-aligning your spine, thereby fixing your problem of hip pain. 
  • Back pain – Back pain can be caused by any type of injury or any other chronic issue. In both cases, a spinal adjustment will help in relieving you of your upper or lower back pain. A chiropractor is professionally trained to provide you with relief from back pain through proper spinal realignment. 
  • Headache – Headache is one of the most common types of problems in today’s times. Be it due to the increasing levels of stress and tension or migraine, a chiropractor will help you in achieving long-lasting relief of your pain.

What are some of the types of chiropractors?

Besides, chiropractors for general physical pain, there are chiropractic therapies for serious conditions like:

  • Prenatal Chiropractor – Pregnancy involves tonnes of physical pain. From pain in the back, and hip to headaches, the list of physical pains is never-ending. A prenatal chiropractor is trained to provide relief to a pregnant mother by providing spinal adjustments very cautiously. 
  • TMJ Chiropractor – The TMJ chiropractors are trained to provide long-lasting relief to patients suffering from pain in their jaws. 
  • Sports chiropractor – Sports chiropractors are there to assist sportspersons in assessing the root cause of their physical pain and providing effective permanent solutions. 
  • Carpal Tunnel Chiropractor – Pain in the wrist and palms is a pretty common problem in today’s times. If you are suffering from such pain, a carpal tunnel chiropractor is what you need to consult for a permanent solution for your pain. 

The science involved behind chiropractic therapies is intricately detailed with several techniques that provide an alternative natural healthcare to the problems involved in your body. Spinal adjustments can help in reducing the pain, but proper diagnosis of the root cause of your pain is extremely important. You can expect a positive change in terms of reduced pain right after your very first chiropractic visit.