The Best Casino Games For You Based on Your Personality Type

The Best Casino Games For You Based on Your Personality Type

It is a known fact that different personalities are drawn to different kinds of activities. More likely than not, an extrovert would enjoy more objective excitement and socialization, while an introvert would not mind cozying up to a book and a cup of tea.

Multiple personality type websites have flourished due to people’s curiosity about not only seeing if the Internet can almost mind-read them but also to discover components about themselves they have never known.

Some sites can print out straightforwardly which personality type you are after a series of questions, while others apply the basic personality types to preferable activities.

For example, based on your personality type, you can find out what kind of get-together you prefer, or what your plans on Friday night look like.

The same principle applies to casinos, as each person is pulled toward a particular game on the floor partially based on their main personality type.

From what seems to be millions of games, a player has plenty of choices. For a new-comer, the myriad of possibilities may seem overwhelming.

Casino entertainment facilities, unlike popular belief, have been soaring in revenues in recent years due to tourism, a variety of games, and the emergence of online casinos.

In July 2019, the state of Nevada reported a total of $1.02 billion in gambling revenues, which was the second successive month the state surpassed the billion-dollar mark.

Even though people may believe that casinos are viewed through a negative light, it is quite the contrary.

In the past year, multiple areas, including Connecticut and Buenos Aires, have passed laws legalizing online gambling, which promotes the idea of healthy and responsible gambling.

Before entering the casino floor, every single personality type is encouraged to look up some basics, tips, and strategies on several games to know your chances of winning (or losing) money.

The question still remains: which game should you tackle, but still enjoy, when setting foot in a casino.

At the very core, every person has some form of gambling streak; however, the differences come into play when discussing their particular level of risk comfort.

According to Nathan Para at Online Casino Gems, “the higher the risk of comfort, the more likely the player will choose a game with high stakes without a problem. On the other hand, a gamer with a conversative, low risk persona will choose a game that fits their cautious personality.”

If you are a person who is outgoing, extroverted, asserted, or bold, your prime game is definitely craps. Here you can scream, shout, and socialize with the rest of the fellow players and dealers.

When playing craps, you can assertively throw down your chips and bets, as well as dramatically roll the dice. This game still allows a higher level of control, which can be appealing to a more dominant player.

According to Gambling News Magazine, Craps tend to generate a larger audience and excitement, as everyone gathers around and feel the exhilaration of a larger party.

At the end of the day, the lively atmosphere of communication and fun reels in the extroverted gamers to the game of craps.

On the other side of the spectrum, the more shy, introverted, and reserved players can enjoy their time in a casino by trying their hand in slots and video poker. In general, the online casino experience may be more enjoyable for the quiet gamers.

Slots and video poker not only allow the lack of socialization that introverted people usually prefer but also these games permit people to play at their own pace without any rush.

Some introverted people may not see the appeal of online gambling; therefore, they could reserve to roulette and mini-baccarat, which are slow-paced games that are easy to learn and have a low-risk factor.

Not only these games fit the introverted figure, but they also put those players at ease and allow them to excel and win more money in an easy and enjoyable manner.

An analytical player that enjoys a challenge when presented needs a smart game to be enticed on the casino floor. With that in mind, the first choice has to be blackjack. Smart and strategic, the conservative personality type would want to excel in blackjack to win big.

Gamblers Daily Digest states that Blackjack requires research and seasoned strategies, which is a positive aspect of the game for a rational gambler. With their gambling style that ultimately fits their personality, these players can win plenty of cash steadily through skill.

If you are original and willing to try new things, slots can be a prime choice due to a large number of different kinds of themes and strategies involved.

From penny slots to high-roller slot machines, players that do not have such a strong grip on caution can try their hand in slots until they find the one they love or continue their search.

Due to the popularity of slots, as it has been named as the most popular game on a casino floor in the United States, casinos have new slot machines coming in every single week. Hence, the innovative and experimental gamblers will always have so many choices to go through to enjoy their time in the casino.

Moreover, a competitive and ambitious player can benefit from poker. This game involves the player and their opponent only, making it personal and head-to-head.

Poker is extremely competitive due to the end result of the game: the best player wins, the second-best loses.

Tournaments can be another outlet for the competitive streak within these personality types, as the most important quality of the game is to be better than the other players in the game rather than the dealer.

In order to advance in the next round, you must win more than the other players. If you do not, you are out of the tournament, alleviating the sense of competition than in any other game in a casino.

While certain personality types can enjoy specific casino games more than others, the end goal when gambling responsibly is to have fun, regardless if you are an introvert or an extrovert.