Summer Won’t Last Forever

Summer Won’t Last Forever

It’s been a good summer, in the main, for Ireland, but already many minds are turning to the kids going back to school and the night is drawing in. Another consideration for many is stocking up on home heating oil, in preparation for those first frosts.

It makes a lot of sense to order while the sun is still high in the sky because heating oil fluctuates in price much more than gas. As you can imagine, demand is particularly low in summer, so it’s a good time to strike. Whatever the prevailing economic any political climate, summer heat makes oil cheaper.

You can save hundreds

If you buy oil during the summer, you could save yourself literally hundreds of euros; it’s really satisfying to place your order with and sit back, content in the knowledge that you have a full tank, ready for winter.

Of course, it’s not possible for everyone to buy in bulk, as it is quite a significant upfront cost. There are ways around this, though, as many suppliers let you pay off the order in instalments, or you can deposit a set amount of money into an account every month and then wait for the price to bottom out. There are also various credit union loans, so do ask your oil supplier what options there are to make things easier for you.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind

Not only can buying at the bottom of the market save you money and put a smug smile on your face, it can make you feel much more secure. If you leave your oil order until it’s actually getting cold, you’ll be waiting longer, and if there’s a sudden cold snap, you could even find your delivery delayed by blocked roads or heavy rain. This is not a great scenario – you could be left without heating just when you need it the most. If you’re not on the gas network, you have to box a bit more cleverly.

There are some things to be cautious about

It’s great that you’re sensible and order early, but as with anything good, there’s always some downsides. One downside is that thieves tend to target oil tanks more in summer, as homeowners may not notice the low levels for weeks. It’s a good idea to check your levels once a week throughout the summer so that you can report any thefts in a reasonable time frame. If you are getting in a bulk order, then another good idea is to invest in a tank alarm and some locks, just in case.


The other thing to consider is the fact that you’ll have a full tank for longer and if there’s a leak this has much more potential for damage than a half-full or nearly empty tank. If disaster strikes, you must call the environmental services as soon as possible. It’s also wise to have insurance to cover the cost of replacing your winter’s worth of oil.