7 Common Solar Water Heater Problems And The Solution

7 Common Solar Water Heater Problems And The Solution

There are many Solar Water Heater Problems that are common

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Solar-powered water heaters are an extremely effective way to maintain a constant supply of hot water in the house. These heaters work by feeding off energy from the sun, which is collected in panels that are position on the roof or exterior wall of a property.

Solar-powered heaters are durable and reliable. However, that doesn’t mean that they do not experience problems from time to time.

Read this guide for the 7 most common problems with solar water heaters and how they can be fixed successfully.

Water Not Being Hot Enough

Another problem with solar-powered heaters is that they are more susceptible to changes in the weather than gas or electric heaters. This is because cloudy conditions mean that the panels on the roof will not convert as much energy as on days where there is a clear sky and the sun is beating down on the roof of the house.

One possible cause of the water not being hot enough could be that the panels are positioned incorrectly on the roof. A professional will be able to work out whether the panels need to be moved and placed on a different part of the roof. Solar Repairs in Perth can fix the issue.

Panels Not Working At Full Capacity

Panels need to be working at maximum capacity in order for water to be heated at maximum temperature. The panels should be working at no less than 80% capacity after 25 years. Panels which are older than that may experience problems with their efficiency. Repairs or replacements will need to happen if the capacity of the panels seems to be dropping below that threshold.

Panels Coming Loose From The Roof

If solar installation is not done properly, there is a danger that they could come loose. Solar panels should be regularly checked to make sure that they are still firmly in place. The panels can be refitted if they are found to be loose. Have the panels inspected frequently to ensure that there is no damage.

Novices should never attempt to remove these panels by themselves because there is a possibility that the panels could be damaged beyond repair. People should research solar companies carefully before they decide on who will carry out Solar Repairs in Perth.

Conductor Rod Not Working Properly

Certain types of solar heaters use a conductor rod in order to heat the water effectively. Sediment in the tank or corrosion on the conductor rod could cause it to malfunction.

Sudden Changes In Water Temperature

Sudden changes in water temperature can be incredibly inconvenient if people are trying to wash their clothes successfully. A change in water temperature can be dangerous for anyone who is taking a shower because they could suffer serious burns.


The temperature and pressure-relief valve in the solar panels might start to leak if it has become damaged. Excessive pressure in the panels may also be the cause of a leak. Pipe fittings can also come loose and create leaks.

Defective Circulating Pump

The circulating pump ensures that water travels successfully around the system. A blockage could cause it to become defective.

Use this guide to spotting solar heater problems.