Smart moving tips for a headache-free move-in day

Smart moving tips for a headache-free move-in day

An Urban Jungle

You’ve had it happen to you a dozen times before. Traffic is too thick for you to get off on the exit you’d like, so you end up stuck on the same one way for a few more miles and lose an hour of your day trying to backtrack. It’s hard enough to do that in a vehicle that is in good working order, but in an older car that may only have ten or twenty thousand miles left on it? The stop-and-go alone could burn up your engine. It happens to people all the time, and that’s definitely expensive. Driving in the city under the best of circumstances presents a multitude of obstacles you’ve got to overcome.

If you’re in the habit of taking the kids to school every morning, you’re already well aware of the prevalence behind Murphy’s Law. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong! Billy forgot his lunch. Manda forgot her homework, and Steve isn’t even your kid; he just ended up sleeping over for some reason. Steve comes from the other side of the tracks, but his mom doesn’t care if he’s home late. Or at all. So you’ve taken it upon yourself to get him to school—when the train that uses those tracks you cross every day decides you’re not going to make it on time. Then every red light in the city comes out to harass you, and to top it off some quota-hunting cop pulls you over your car and writes you a ticket for expired tags. Ever had a day like that? Now imagine you’re in the middle of moving.

Going It Alone Is For College Kids and Hobos, Not Families

Maybe in your late teens or early twenties, you can fit all the things you own in the world into several boxes between your trunk and back seat. Maybe if you’re homeless, you can fit it all in a backpack. But if you’re a family that’s doing well, you’re going to have at least one full moving truck full of furniture and personal items; maybe even two.

There’s no reason to hassle with individual loads to and from your fluxing properties with the kind of traffic you’re going to get in the city. What makes a lot more sense is to hire movers in Colts Neck, NJ who can get the job done quickly, professionally, and safely. This will save you hours of driving, lots of gas, needless aggravation, and the loss of property at your own hands.

Where’s your insurance if you take a corner too tight and your mother-in-law’s heirloom lamp goes crashing through the back window into a pickup coming the opposite way? If professional movers are careless enough to make such a mistake, they’re required by law to make amends, and your broken item is restored because of additional requirements which predicate such movers maintain insurance.

Don’t Take Deals “Too Good To Be True”

Insurance and forthright business practices are good indicators, but you should still be on your guard against moving scams. Here is a list of ten things to watch out for, and how to avoid them.

Typically, the moving scam involves movers giving a deliberately low estimate at the outset and then tacking on additional charges. Watch for guaranteed quotes that take no stock of your moving inventory, never sign blank contracts, and watch for businesses that have an address which isn’t local to your area. Sometimes movers who scam customers avoid the Better Business Bureau by constantly changing names and working as daughter corporations for “parent” companies out of state. Lastly, any over-the-phone estimate that sounds too good to be true, almost certainly is. We hope that you have enjoyed these smart moving tips.


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