Wet room or bathroom? Decisions, decisions…

Wet room or bathroom? Decisions, decisions…

Want a wet room or bathroom? That's a decision you'll have to make for yourself...

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Who hasn’t stayed at a hotel, resort or even a friend’s house, and not been impressed with the bathroom design? Glass shower screens were what made the bathroom look just that more spacious, and gave it that touch of class. But what is a shower screen? For the unaware, a shower screen is used to enclose a shower, and the better quality ones are made of glass. See the ones made by GC inc (GlassCrafters inc) for an insight into what they look like. They are most commonly seen in Europe in both showers that act mainly as tubs, as well as stand-alone showers, although stand-alone units more commonly have shower doors. Do you want a wet room or bathroom? Shower screens come in a range of various materials, quality, and price range, making at least a few of them suitable for your house.


Glass shower screens are often not only easier to clean than shower curtains, but last longer without the higher price of a sliding door. If one lives in Western Australia, there are a wide range of great quality shower screens in Perth. Sliding shower doors can be also hard to clean because they can be hard to reach. A shower screen can provide easy cleaning as well as a more economical solution than shower doors.

Glass shower screens keep water and steam enclosed in the shower area while adding aesthetic value to a bathroom. There are a number of different types of glass shower screens available, including fixed panels, sliding doors and hinged doors. The panels of glass can be framed in metal or left frameless, it’s the customer’s choice. While most glass shower screens completely enclose the shower or bathtub area, some of them only partially enclose the space.


A fixed pane of glass is one type of glass shower screen available. This type of screen covers just a portion of the shower area and does not include any doors or other mobile parts. These fixed pieces can come with or without a frame. Fixed panes that enclose the shower are also possible. These glass shower screens include a hinged door that allows access into the shower area. If one is in WA, and looking for the best Rockingham Glass shower screens in Perth come in a wide range of top quality designs and products.


A common choice for people opting for frameless glass screens, the stationary glass pieces hold up well without the need for a metal frame. Usually made from clear glass, these screens make the bathroom look bigger by not blocking off space that is usually obscured because it is in the shower. Frameless glass screens are attached to each other with metal fixtures. This is a brilliant option for those who would prefer to have a wet room rather than a standard bathroom. If you choose to go for a wet room, you might want to consider hiring a team of experts, like those at Ability Bathe Bathrooms Devon, for example, to help design and construct your new bathroom; by using a team of professionals it means you will get a high quality job performed – meaning a lower chances of errors in the future.


Another option is a piece of framed or unframed glass that slides along a track. These glass shower screens allow easy access to the tub or shower area. The glass panels may slide laterally along the length of the shower or tub, or they may fold inward in the form of a bi-fold door. Bi- fold doors are common in Bathrooms where space is limited because they do not block off any portion of the bathroom while they are open.

Wet or Dry?

Any type of glass shower screen can be customised to match a person’s bathroom. Metal frames and fixtures can be made from a number of different rust-resistant metals or coated in any colour of waterproof plastic. Get wet, but keep the bathroom dry!