Sexy Dress Ideas to Set the Club on Fire

Sexy Dress Ideas to Set the Club on Fire

There are few better feelings than walking into the club knowing that you are looking good, all male eyes glancing at you as you strut with confidence onto the dance floor. Often this feeling isn’t just about others finding you sexy, it is about you feeling sexy with what you’re wearing. Different dresses suit different women of various shapes and sizes and regardless of your dimensions, there are sexy dresses out there for you. If you are looking for something different to wear this weekend then here are some dress ideas that can help you feel amazing.


Keep it Short

Ladies with long or well toned legs should embrace them with short dresses, there is nothing sexier than a pair of high heels and a short dress that accentuates those calves Short dresses can be a little dangerous if you plan on sitting down all night as they can ride high and display your underwear but a short dress is perfect for the nightclub as the likelihood is that you won’t be doing much sitting. When looking for short dresses try looking for those that have an angled hem-line, less is usually more and showing off just one thigh can look super sexy.

Slits and Cuts

To avoid a dress looking overly promiscuous on your night out you should consider looking at dresses with carefully placed slits in them. Regardless of whether you want to show off your legs, shoulders, cleavage or abs, there are dresses out there for you that have cuts in these areas to show off just enough. Theses dresses are sexy and suggestive, the perfect combination to make you feel and look amazing.


Full length gowns aren’t just for dinner parties and weddings, they are also perfect for when you want to turn the heat up on your outfit. Loose fitting, floaty gowns with large slits up the legs or a slightly plunging neckline look effortlessly sexy, especially if you are tall. Another benefit of a full length dress is that they can really show off your body and more importantly those sexy curves. If you’ve got it ladies, then flaunt it.

Neckline and Cleavage

Being sexy isn’t just about flashing what you’ve got it’s also about leaving something to the imagination, whilst a plunging neckline can display that beautiful cleavage of yours, a high neckline that falls off the shoulder can be equally as attractive. If you truly want to show off your cleavage and be sultry and suggestive at the same time then look for dresses that have see-through netting across the chest, well placed netting like this can really add to sexiness of your dress and very often looks hotter than bare skin itself.

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