The Best Places to Invest in Land in Australia

The Best Places to Invest in Land in Australia

Are you thinking about an investment in land? Whether you live in Australia or are you a foreigner looking for a real estate investment, Australia can be a perfect place to own land. Since it is a massive country, where you choose to buy land is a very important decision. Here are some of our ideas for the best places to invest in land in Australia.

invest in land in Australia
The capitol of western Australia, Perth is  popular place to invest in land and real estate. This relaxed city is said to have more in common with Bali than with Sydney. If you are looking to invest in a beautiful beachside property Perth is a perfect place to do it. There is plenty of quality land for sale in Perth and we think it is one of best places to invest in land in Australia.

Sunshine Coast
North of Brisbane is the beautiful Sunshine Coast area. Sunshine Coast may be of the best places to invest in land in Australia and is well known for its gorgeous beaches,  world-famous sand dunes, and terrific surfing. It is also home to some of Eastern Australia’s best parks and nature preserves. The real estate market was once in bad shape here but appears to be on the rebound.

North Melbourne
Melbourne’s suburb, North Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s most beautiful victorian homes making it a great place to buy land in Australia. Many of its victorian homes are known as “Boom Style,” which feature very unique detail flourishing. If you are looking to invest in an area near the beach, with beautiful antique homes, and close enough to the city enjoy all its advantages; North Melbourne is worth looking into.

Christies Beach
Located in south Australia, Christies Beach is a oceanside suburb of Adelaide. Christies Beach is said to be a good place to buy land due to its recent gentrification and access to mass transit. Christies Beach is home to a well connected train station. Christies Beach has some of the best ocean views in all of Australia. If you are looking for a good place to buy land in Southern Australia consider Christies Beach.

Port Noarlunga
Port Noarlunga is another up and coming southern Australia suburb that is worth looking in to if you are buying land in Australia. Port Noarlunga has a population of less than 3,000 so be ready for the pros and cons of small town living. It is close the beach and well known for its great café and restaurant scene. It is also a short boat trip from the wold famous Kangaroo Island, one of Australia’s best wildlife reserves. So if you a craving a small beach suburb Port Noarlunga may be a good bet.

As always do your own research and consult with professionals before making any major purchases such as buying land in Australia, including what we consider to be the best places to invest in land in Australia. If you love nature, beaches, and urban luxuries; Australia is the perfect place for you. This massive country has immense amount of land and coastline making it a good place to invest in real estate.