Quick Ways To Dry A Floor

Quick Ways To Dry A Floor

Having a wet floor is a risky thing that you do not want to encourage especially if you have children. It poses the risks of injury due to slip, which can be as bad as paralysis. The other thing is that kids can get attracted to dirty water lying on the floor, which can cause illnesses. The best way to avoid these issues is if you deal with wet floors as soon as they occur. There are a number of ways of ensuring your floors dry faster, which are both chemical and mechanical. Using air movers like a commercial air blower is among the options.


Chemical Ways Of Drying Floors Faster

The most common way of mopping is using soap and water, but this is effective if you want a normal drying process of your floor. The other setback is that it leaves little pools of water on your floor, which can lead to double work. Adding vinegar or glass dryer to your mopping water before you start mopping will encourage faster drying. Vinegar has the ability to evaporate quickly and cleans better leaving your surface water free, yet cleaner. This is a good way of drying floors faster without using air movers.

Mechanical Methods Such As Commercial Air Blowers

There are many mechanical ways of making the floor dry faster. Equipment such as HEPA filters, air conditioners and air blowers can simply be termed as air movers that can encourage the flow of air leading to faster drying. When the air is static, it means the rate of air circulation also gets reduced, consequently reducing the rate of evaporation. By blowing air onto the floor using a commercial air blower, the rate of evaporation goes up.

Drying floors faster with methods such as adding vinegar are pretty old fashioned, but are still effective.

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