5 Tips for Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance

5 Tips for Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance

A well maintained swimming pool is an asset to any home. Millions of homeowners have a swimming pool in their backyard, but for those who have yet to invest, the thought of having to do expensive and time consuming swimming pool maintenance can be rather off-putting. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance is possible via a few simple tricks

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There are lots of ways to streamline your pool maintenance schedule so that you only need to have an Anthem pool service if you are having issues or the filtration system is ready for a service. Here are 5 easy tips to ensure your swimming pool stays in tip-top condition all year round.

Remove Dead Leaves

Dead leaves and other debris should be removed from the pool surface every day. The good news is that pool robots can take care of this annoying job for you: they will even dive down and remove debris from the bottom of the pool!

Check the Chemical Levels

Chemicals are essential. Without the right balance of chemicals in a swimming pool, it will become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria and if you take a dip you are likely to become very poorly indeed. So if your pool water looks very murky and dull, it definitely needs a chemical adjustment.

Water needs to be tested at least once a week. You can buy water testing kits from a local pool store: follow the instructions and adjust the levels as required. If chemical levels are correctly balanced, the water will look crystal clear and not smell too strong of chemicals. Hint: baking soda can be used to adjust the alkalinity of the water if you don’t want to buy sodium bicarbonate.

Keep an Eye on Water Levels

Water levels will fluctuate depending on the ambient temperature and how much splashing around the kids have been doing. If the pool water level is too high, take out some of the excess, but if the water level falls too low, top it up to ensure the water filter continues to run smoothly.

Power Wash the Deck

Decking around the pool needs to be kept in good condition or it will negatively impact on your swimming pool. Leaves and dirt soon build up, especially over the winter, so keep the area swept regularly, especially during the fall when leaves are everywhere.

It’s a good idea to power wash the area around the pool every few weeks. This will keep stains and dirt to a minimum. Be methodical when you do this and don’t set the water pressure too high or aim the power washer jet too close, or you could damage the surface of your deck.

Winterize the Pool

Swimming pools need to be adequately secured for winter. When autumn comes, test the water to ensure chemicals are correctly balanced and adjust accordingly. Next, buy a cover to protect the pool from winter debris. Make sure the cover fits tightly and leave until spring.

Follow these tips and you can spend more time swimming and less time worrying about pool maintenance in your backyard.