Planning to go on a Family Cruise Soon? Here’s How You can Save Money

Planning to go on a Family Cruise Soon? Here’s How You can Save Money

Still contemplating whether you can afford a cruise because of the price tag? Worry not, there’s a plethora of creative ways to cut on costs without sacrificing what makes a cruise trip fun, comfortable, and luxurious. In this article, we’ll discuss cruise money-saving tips as given by cruise experts.

Even if you’ll go for cruise ship holidays, rest assured that with your disposable income, you can enjoy the high seas with your family without drowning on financial hurdles.


Time it right. It’s no rocket science, there are several elements that will help you get the most affordable cruise possible. For starters, you need to book early – at least around four months before your desired date, especially if you’re aiming for high season like holidays and the summer season. As a plus, you’ll have a choice of date, cabin, as well as dining times. And you can take advantage of early savings promotion that provides other extra goodies.

Take advantage of the “wave season” that happens between January and March where cruise lines highlight their best offers for the year. These offers are good for the entire year, but you need to book during this time frame. You can save up to 75 percent, find high-value extras like on-board credits, or kids sailing for free.

Go to discount sites. There are sites like Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, VacationsToGo, CruiseDirect, and LastMinuteTravel that stock amazing wholesale rates, limited-time offers, as well as extreme discounts off brochure prices.

Know the inclusions and exclusions. Most passengers assume that after paying the fare, everything’s included. Wrong. That goes the same with many all-inclusive voyages. Always read the fine print and exclusion, then list out all the necessary costs associated with your cruise and divide it by the number of days to give you a ballpark figure. You’ll notice that the other more expensive cruise actually balances out with on-board items that are truly inclusive.

Try a travel agent. This is a prevailing advice you’ll get from travel agents, and it’s true! Travel agencies can save you time and money, plus you’ll get good discounts and amenities, like shipboard credits, gifts, and so on. They’re beneficial like that. Because of volume, agents can give lower prices, better amenities, and even possibility of upgrades.

Steer off the beverage package. Unless you expect to drink a lot, all-you-can-drink promotions can be an unnecessary expense. Also, you’ll be charged for every day of the cruise, so even if you’re in port and not drinking on the ship, you’ll still have to pay for the so-called unlimited drinks. Do the math.

Give smaller ships a chance. Massive ship companies are great, but be open to other small ships and carriers that give an opportunity for a unique and way more affordable family cruising experience. There’s the being up close and personal with charming facilities, personal spaces, and on-shore locales that no large ocean carriers can give. Most small ships also readily provide cabin types that have an ocean view.

More learning. As you may know, there are tons of other guidelines for people looking not just to save on the cruise, but also to maximize their stay. To know more tips and general advice for cruise ship holidays, simply go online and read information from expert reviewers and seasoned cruise trippers.