Twenty Pounds if We Sign Mustafi

Twenty Pounds if We Sign Mustafi

"Twenty Pounds if We Sign Mustafi" - is that a bet you're willing to back up, especially on the net?

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The major international leagues have just started new seasons in various sports. The world of sport has become very commercial. Teams are now receiving commercial sponsorships and signing major corporate deals worth Billions of dollars. Players are now being signed and sold at amounts of money that were never before imaginable. Some teams now spend more money on players per season than some countries spend on sport annually. Note that some African countries have national budgets of under US $4 billion. The Real Madrid Football Club player portfolio is worth about 10 percent of such a budget. Roughly what a poor country would dedicate to health and not sport.

The business of the signing and selling players is trending. Also trending is how the big teams spend their millions. Millions of fans can now participate and even start discussions on the topic online.

One fan of English football side Arsenal tweeted, “Tell you what, if we sign Mustafi I’ll give everyone that RT’s this £20.00.” This is a very innocent post. But, what happens when team goes ahead and signs the player. Does everyone who RT’d the tweet go claim their money? Maybe engage debt collectors? Is what he did even be legal? Maybe the guy should have gotten an online casino (casino en ligne in French) licence before placing the post.

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Whether he will live to regret his post or not is yet to be determined. However he got a reply from the Gunners for his post. In the reply was a video from the Gunners in which the German player Shkodran Mustafi was saying, “Hi, I hope you don’t regret the tweet.”

Getting the reply might have made that tweet worthwhile. Just knowing that your team is listening to want the fans are saying is great. Here’s to hoping that his tweet is the least popular tweet in history, as those hoping to get twenty pounds if we sign Mustafi are likely to be disappointed.