Best Fall Surfing Fashion

Best Fall Surfing Fashion

Are you ready to sport the Best Fall Surfing Fashion?

Photo by CC user 38585972@N04 on Flickr

As the last days of summer creep away and the autumn breeze arrives, there are still those who refuse to give up on the sunny obsession that is surfing. Fortunately, there are actually surfing clothes that are warm and casual, allowing these sun worshippers to extend their time outdoors while enjoying less crowded beaches.

Rash Guards Help in Preserving Body Heat and Preventing Sun Damage

While rash guards are usually recommended for summer surfing to help avoid getting friction burns due to wetsuits, they also help to preserve body heat when doing autumn surfing. Not only that, but they also offer additional sun protection of SPF 50, which believe it or not, is still important to have even though the days are getting shorter. This is because spending hours outside would still expose the skin to harsh UV rays that cause various kinds of skin damage like premature wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dark spots. There are various rash guard sizes and designs to suit any fashion sensibilities, from one featuring a giraffe print to one of shocking neon pink.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts Keep All Bo the ies Warm and Toasty

There is nothing more enjoyable than basking in front of a campfire after enjoying the refreshing waves in autumn. Make sure you have plenty of hoodies and sweatshirts to choose from, as they are guaranteed to become a staple of any autumn surfer’s wardrobe. Popular with everybody, hoodies and sweatshirts now come in endless permutations, from girly to edgy, from basic to modern. It is indeed impossible to find anyone who can claim that no hoodie is suitable for him/herself.

Accessories Add Zing to Autumn Surfing Fashion

Keep the chills away after surfing with the best fall surfing fashion: scarves, sunglasses, hats and gloves all enter the picture. Many might overlook these little things, but they actually can do wonders when worn correctly: they can brighten an outfit, add points of interest, and unite an overall look. Additionally, scarves, hats and gloves help in keeping warm, while sunglasses stave off the need to squint and ending up with dry eyes battered by those autumn winds. One easy trick to pick the right colors for accessories is to look at your outfit’s colors, and choose one color for your accessories to avoid colors clashing. For example: if you are wearing a plain white top with a small yellow flowers pattern, you can choose the color yellow for your accessories (yellow-framed sunglasses or yellow scarf) so that they will go together with the yellow in your top instead of competing against it.

Make the Most out of Your Autumnal Surfing

Thanksgiving might be fast approaching, but the waves are still inviting, and the water is still not too chilly. When done properly, surfing in the autumn can be a rewarding and exciting experience. If you make sure that you are dressed for the season, then there is no reason to start hibernating so soon. Let the unprepared and uninformed retire to their dens, but you have some more waves to catch!